My new home

At the weekend I purchased my home for at least the first half of 2012, it doesn’t look like much, but I won’t be taking a lot with me.

There have been a few good sales on recently so I am buying things I think I will need when the price is right, but am not compromising on what I want. I was stoked when the pack I wanted was on sale at 40% off  🙂

The Plan

Blog created September 2011.

The “Plan” is very loose. quit work, travel for a bit, pick up work if required to travel some more, return to New Zealand in a couple of years.

For the past eight or nine years I have sort of planned on celebrating my 50th birthday in Europe. The early thinking was to train hard and then enter the Trans-Alps mountain bike race, followed by a touring holiday. However I have just not had time on the bike to consider that sort of activity in the next twelve months, but what the heck, I am going anyway.

I have resigned from work and finish up on the 28th Oct,  at the completion of a couple of large projects. I have two months in New Zealand with the aim to sell my house, settle up assets and get things in order with my family before leaving for Singapore on Dec 27.

I have booked a flight to Kuching in Malaysian Borneo for Dec 30th and aim to spend new year there. From there the world is my oyster…..

Wont be too many more posts after this one until things start to happen, and I work out how this blogging thing works !