Melaka – Singapore

Day 44, Thursday 09 Feb, Melaka to Singapore.

Another good sleep, I seem to be getting the hang of this sleeping thing, with more good nights than bad these days. Got up and went for a walk around the old town looking for some breakfast, didn’t fancy noodles today and couldn’t find anything else open at 8.00 so went back to the hostel for a coffee, packed my gear and headed off to find a bus to take me to the bus depot for the ride to Singapore. Once I got to the bus stop I realised I still had the hostel key so back again – a good start to the day – 9.15 and dripping sweat.  At least I got a seat on the bus under an air con outlet!

I managed to get a seat on the 10.00 AM bus so a short wait, I was expecting up to two hours. I am writing this bit as we head towards the motorway and will stop soon as typing on a moving bus is hard work. I am really hoping the guy behind me is not going to sniff every ten seconds for the next four hours as it is driving me nuts already!

Yep – wrote that on the bus, then the bouncing got too much so I stopped.  I will summarise the rest of the day.

Got to Singapore on time
had no cash so had to find a money changer.
Had to get change so had BK for lunch.
Train to hotel, which has more hourly than daily customers,  you get what you pay for:(
Went to mall, bought wine, blogged 3 days worth, went to sleep (revised, – didnt go to to sleep, due above)

Tomorrow up at 6, and off to the Philippines.

Would love to say what I thought about my almost 6 weeks in Malaysia and how I feel about the pending trip to a new place, with fresh earthquakes, but drained after Thaipusam blogs ! and the wine is all gone and I am dehydrated and tired and this hotel is depressing me.

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