About Where’s Phil

Hi and welcome to Where’s Phil !

September 2021

I started this blog in 2011 when I decided to fulfil a long held dream to continue the travel I started in the mid-eighties. Travel that was postponed so I could enjoy family life, earn some money and be a (semi-) responsible parent to three children; who are now grown up and living their own lives.

My travels took me from my quiet and safe home in Auckland, New Zealand through large parts of South East Asia, Sri Lanka, some of southern and eastern Africa and a tiny bit of Europe.  Eventually I stopped in the city of my birth and I guess the place you could call my spiritual home, London, England, where I stayed until July 2021 when my partner and I returned to Auckland.

The blog turned 10 this month and is no longer just about travelling, though I long to grab my backpack and head off to somewhere new again.  There is no longer any specific purpose for the blog though I will keep it going while I enjoy the writing and the photography.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, and if you have made it this far, for taking the time to read some of my blog.

Please note – all photographs remain copyright to Phil Platt.

Phil xx


10 thoughts on “About Where’s Phil”

  1. Hi Phil, it is nice to read your blog and see the amazing photos you have been taking during your trip around Asia and Europe, beautiful shots you should publish your own book with hints, tips and photos; if you come to the Gold Coast don’t forget to visit us, you are always welcome. Deborah, Gino and Donnie Fiocco

  2. So glad you have followed your dreams and seen all that you have seen. But you may have noticed by now, that the more we travel, the more we want to see! Best wishes for always safe travels. And thanks for following Oh, the Places We See!

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