Happy birthday to my blog, 4 years old today!

11 September 2015 – London.

Happy Bday

When I started the blog four years ago, I really expected it to only last a short time before I got bored with it and gave up., hence the ‘I will see if it lasts past day one’ comment. I am truly surprised that I have carried on with it. Looking back I am, of course really glad I did, there are some fabulous memories in those back pages.

Looking at the stats – I have written  537 pages and have had just under 36,000 views, a lot more than I ever expected.

My most popular post is the one wrote in Myanmar about getting from Bagan to Inle Lake. It is the most popular by a very long way, with over 1500 views. It is still accessed regularly, 2 ½ years later. Myanmar posts feature heavily in the top ten, I guess a lot of people are keen to travel there.  I know I am keen to go back – as you can tell by this happy face from the bus from Bagan!


I will aim to do another year of posts, try to make the writing crisper and more interesting, which means doing some interesting or photo worthy things – which has to be good

To those of you who pop by regularly –  thanks. And Happy Birthday WheresPhil !