A new year street art hunt

Tuesday 01 January 2013, London

Posting will be really sporadic for a while, I will only post when I have taken some photos or done anything that is even remotely interesting.

I guess the rolling over of another year, especially the successful rolling over of another year when the world was supposed to end, is worth recording.

New years eve was not exactly riveting, not that the last few have been either! I had been pondering walking down to one of the bridges over the Thames to watch the fireworks, but lost interest as it got closer to midnight and the thought of a forty five minute walk there and back in the cold just was not tempting enough. So I spent the night in as usual, though I did make it to midnight and watched the spectacular ten minute fireworks display on TV.

So, it is another new year, what does it hold for me ? at this stage who knows !

The first day of 2013 was by English winter standards, lovely, clear skies and not too cold – to start with anyway. I decided I had to go out and do something so caught the tube up to central London to watch the London New Year parade. I managed to get an OK spot, though the guy next to me kept up a non-stop inane monologue to his family that finally drove me to leave – and I had headphones on, he was loud too ! As it turned out virtually all my photos were crap, I was shooting at far too low a speed to get anything good and I deleted most of them as soon as I got home. A beginners mistake and I should have known better.

IMG 6203

I loved this wee steam truck.

IMG 6218

On my way out of the parades route and away from the supposed 500,000 people who came to see it, I came across this marching band getting ready to merge in, they played a more funky style of music to the traditional English style and were quite good.

IMG 6222

I had decided to walk home via Portobello Rd.

IMG 6235

I had visited there on a rainy Boxing Day to try and find the Rough Trade record store that is a feature in a book I bought myself with some money from my mum (thanks mum 🙂 ), however it had moved. So I did the smart thing and looked up the address this time and found it easily. Unfortunately it was closed !

IMG 6238

The second reason I visited the area was to try and find some street art, as the west of London is slowly being gentrified the street art is slowly disappearing and is quite rare. I knew there were a couple of pieces around so was keen to find them, and I found more than I expected, including this lovely wall at Notting Hill, I do not know who the artist is but I loved it.

IMG 6233 PS

Up Portobello Rd I found

A Banksy, yay 🙂

IMG 6243


IMG 6241

An Alec Monopoly

IMG 6240

A couple of Paul Don Smiths

IMG 6242

This one commemorating the slaying of two police women last year.

IMG 6244

And some others.

IMG 6245


I enjoyed the hunt, and seeing some of these pieces as I am sure they will not be there for long !

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4 thoughts on “A new year street art hunt”

  1. I loved the street art!!! Pretty cool. My next trip is going to be to London (I am going to the Eric Clapton show, Yay!) where I am sure I will have tons to photograph! Currently freezing in Seattle. Thanks for the images.

    1. Thanks Lidia 🙂

      There is so much to see and shoot in London, and that is just the big touristy things. You will have a great time I am sure.

    1. Thanks HR – I was up in Hackney today, WOW !!! There is some great painting up there. I ran out of light so will be back there some time soon. There is at least another day of wandering around to be done !

      I will look forward to seeing your photos, mine will hopefully be up tomorrow.

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