The long and winding road

Day 209, Tuesday 31 July 2012, Alcaucin

Up early again and back out on the road for another run up the hill. I was a bit stiff today and it was a slower start than yesterday. By mid way up the hill I had quite a sore back, not uncommon when I haven’t run hills for a while – but the rest of me was pain free which was great. I almost made it to the top car park where I ran to yesterday without stopping at all, but there was one bend too many and I just had to stop and stretch out my back – only a hundred or so metres to go too f*ck it! I was expecting to be slow today and I certainly felt lead legged but I got to the car park slightly quicker than yesterday so I must have been going OK, though I didn’t stop to take photos today.

I decided to push on for one more kilometre, up to the viewpoint over the valley. I found this kilometre quite hard going in the end, though it was the least uphill of the whole run. It was warmer this morning than yesterday and well – I had run yesterday !

I took a wee rest at the look out and snapped a couple of photos before running back down again. Theres more hill !!!

2012-07-31 07.56

I have never posted two photos of myself, but for a change I actually took a couple of photos of me that I like !

2012-07-31 07.57

The run down was good, got a wee stitch from all the pounding on the road, but apart from that I felt Ok. Yay !

After a feed and a swim I spent the rest of the day mooching, nice to relax again!

It was a hot hot day so late afternoon Ian and Rosie took a dip while Muttley voiced his disapproval, Muttley hates people in the pool for some unknown reason.

2012-07-31 17.47

I did a cleanup of my space as the room I have been using will be occupied for a some of the days that I am away. And I had that shave as well…

Dinner was a great dorado fish and hand made chips along with a couple of glasses of red wine that I managed to pick up from the local shop all by myself !

The long and winding road – but at least it is heading down the hill

2012-07-31 08.16

You didn’t really think I would post a Beatles song did you ?




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  1. BEATLES??? Nahhhh!!! Heck I remember being incredulous when you confessed to liking the Police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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