Run to the hills

Day 208, Monday 30 July 2012, Alcaucin

I have not really had a great sleep for a while so popped half a magic pill last night in an attempt to get a good night in. I have had a few things on my mind (as always) and was a little anxious about the morning.

It was a good sleep (yes !) and I was up as normal for a Monday at 6:15, not that I was going to work – today I was going to go for a run !

First things first though – priority number one for the day was to get on the internet as soon after 6:00 as I could and order the freshly released new Mono album “For my parents”. The first 400 copies of the double LP are white,  very cool. I am glad I did as it did sell out, sadly it goes to NZ where my record testing nephew will no doubt be eager to check it out and I will have to wait until I return to see it.

I hadn’t run in a while, I did a couple of bits on the Coast Path Run a few weeks ago, and though I ended up doing some big days, there was a lot of walking involved, fast walking mind, it was never a stroll along the beach. By my normal standards I have also been doing a lot of physical work in the past week and have not fuelled or hydrated well either so I am quite tired physically. It is also warm and the road I have chosen to run is mostly uphill for six kilometres where I will turn around and run back down. I was concerned I would blow out quickly and this will dent my running confidence, and this has been playing on my mind for the past couple of days. On the positive side I am leaner than usual, need the run to clear my head and burn off some tension and I am looking forward to getting out !

I set off just after 7:00 with the objective of reaching the top car park at the Alcazar recreation area in the hills above Alcaucin.

2012-07-30 07.11

I was really surprised about how well I ran, I mean I did not set any records or anything, but apart from stopping a couple of times to snap photos on my cell phone of the sun coming up on the pass I ran the entire distance, pretty much all of it a gradual climb. I love watching the sun come up on the big bluff on the other side of the valley; I watched it as I worked every morning and will do so again when I return to work in a couple of weeks.

2012-07-30 07.32

2012-07-30 07.36

2012-07-30 07.50

The view to the top

2012-07-30 07.39

In fact when I got to the top carpark I could have carried on – especially as it was now trail ! But I want to repeat tomorrow so I decided to take it easy today, maybe tomorrow some trail can be run.

2012-07-30 07.59

I did get a wee sweat on over the fifty minute climb. Note my new Camelbak matches my new shirt – must surely be a first for me !

2012-07-30 08.04

The run down was fun, it only took thirty minutes to get back down again – scarily, in fact very scarily, I enjoyed the run up more than the run down – though normally do love running down a fast flowing hill. Apart from a light soreness in the legs, more so from the pounding from running down the hill I felt really good, and the best part was I had burnt off any tension in my mind and body – I love running for this !

I took five minutes in the pool to cool down – it was now 25 degrees in the shade, and then got my gear in the sun to dry for tomorrows run.

Ian and I went up to the local for lunch, I had a beer and a healthy chips and battered deep fried prawns. I am going to say I have never seen prawns like that before and everything here comes with chips, I felt I earned it though!

2012-07-30 14.08

I pretty much did sod all else after lunch, which is really the objective of these couple of days, I swam, read and listened to music – discovered The Dandy Warhols, heard them before but never listened to them, something else on my must buy list.

Under the advisement of Ian I also completely changed my plans for the rest of the week and am off to Granada on Wednesday for a couple of nights and will then spend a few days around the villages in the Sierra Nevada mountains – will pack running shoes I think.

Tonight I realised I am fifty in just seven weeks and I have no idea what to do ! My current favourite band, New Yorkers – A place to bury strangers are playing in London that night – should I go ? I will be in Spain so that will mean a trip to London, if I go to London is it worth going back to Spain…. questions questions !!!

There was no choice really

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  1. OMG you have some amazing images stored in your memory bank.. love that first shot of the sun just touching the valley. Genuinely intrigued to hear that the running vibe has stayed current.. I assumed that desire and feel-good factor was a direct and short-term product of the adrenalin rush from running, but obviously it has a longer residual time than I realised!! I guess thats why people sidelined with injury can mourn for quite a long time. Very cool!! The bad news? You are hooked….hehhehheh

    1. Yep still loving the running, even more aftet the break. I certainly missed the mental side of running when I wasnt doing it, such a good stress burner.

      And I still going to come back to NZ and do the Hillary race when it goes ahead !

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