No rest for the not so wicked.

Day 207, Sunday 29 July 2012, Alcaucin

I missed my seven months on the road anniversary yesterday, though I guess seven things are not really celebrated.

I was up a bit later again today, this being a Sunday and in theory not a work day, especially in Spain ! But today was the last opportunity for a couple of weeks to get some work done so I was on site soon after 9:00.

Today I wanted to get the front wall done, and I turned this

2012-07-29 11.51

Into this.

2012-07-29 15.17

It took a long time, the old paint was in bad condition and it took quite a while to get even the most basic prep work done. By the time I started getting paint on the front of the wall the sun was blazing and it was over 30 degrees so the paint was drying in the tray as fast as I could get it on the roller. I didn’t finish till after 3:30 and didn’t do a heck of a lot else for the rest of the day, I did watch the end of the womens road race, great effort by the top three and really enjoyed the mens 100m freestyle final.

The dogs are a bit psycho tonight for some reason, Ian is out and Muttley has been going nuts. I have had to close them inside and go downstairs for some peace and quiet.

Tomorrow I plan on getting up early and going for my first run in a wee while.




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  1. With you on the gluttony…. there are some enormous advantages to running ultras, even for the over-40s.

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