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Days 203-206, Wednesday-Saturday 25-28 July 2012 – Alcaucin

Life has settled down for the past four days and with the exception of Friday each day has been like this – get up at 6.15, drink coffee, go to work and paint, come home mid-afternoon, eat, shower, flop on bed for an hour or so, eat, watch TV/DVD, surf internet, sleep. Well, OK, today (Saturday) I got up at 8.30, went to work, and then came home and drank beer and ate instead of flopping on the bed.

The weather has been pretty kind this week, only really getting much above 30 degrees today. Starting work early means I get a reasonable amount done before it gets too hot and if I plan OK I can follow the shade around until the middle of the day. Painting white on white in bright sun is not so easy !

The morning view over the olive groves


I have to confess to being a bit of an internet junkie, or maybe just a communications junkie, (though I don’t do twitter !) I subscribe to a couple of blogs and am a regular reader, commenter etc on BookFace, but I really like email the best. When I was travelling in Asia with a time difference of between five and seven hours it was quite easy to exchange emails with people back home. However, Europe is a different situation entirely, with Spain being ten hours behind New Zealand. This is a weird time difference and really means I do not get to have a ‘conversation’ with people that often, and to be honest – I don’t like it ! My early evenings are spent checking for messages that never arrive as it is the early of hours of the morning in NZ.

Friday saw Ian and I join his girlfriend Jo, her daughter and her brother and his two sons who are visiting from the UK at the Feria (fair) at Torres Del Mar.


The fair is a fairly (pun intend) big deal and goes on for a few days. I have yet to really get into the groove with Spanish ways, Ian and I met Jo and co at almost 10:30 PM and the fair was really only kicking into the swing of things with the fairground really getting crowded around 11:00 !



The fair was the same as all the fairs I have been to, loud music, loads of rides for kids and families, junk food all over – except it goes on most of the night. There were hundreds of families with small children in attendance and teenagers galore. I was dead on my feet and at midnight Ian and I left Jo and family to it, they got home at 2:00. The Spanish are weird, though I guess it was cooler in the evening than in the middle of the day !

Saturday was a change from painting, I did filling instead. I worked till 1:00 when I took a power walk up to the local shop as they are closed from 2 to 5 to buy some beer and wine for tonight. Stupidly, it appears I managed to buy a bottle of bloody awful sherry instead of a bottle of wine. I am going to have to hit the Spanish phrase book prior to the next solo trip to the shops ! Back from the walk I did a further hour of work before stopping as it was too hot to use filler as it was going off faster than I off could put it on the walls !

A small section of the main drag of Alcaucin has a massive shade cloth over it – awesome !


After work work and a feed and a San Mig. I knocked of some of the house work (first time in months – I almost enjoyed it) and then watched the end of the Olympic cycling road race over a second and third San Mig.

Much as I would rather be relaxing I am working the weekend as the house I am currently painting is occupied for the next month, so I cannot work on it and the next painting job is not going to be available for two weeks. This means from Monday I will pretty much be out of work so I will take off next week for a few days and see some of the sights of southern Spain.
I will put a plan together tomorrow, but I think I will do Malaga, Gibraltar, Cadiz and Seville then come back here and do Granada a day or so later. It will be nice to have a base to come back to.




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