The dog ate my jeans….

Day 202, Tuesday 24 July 2012 – Alcaucin

Arghhhhhhh, the bloody alarm went off at 6:15 again and it was time to get up, suck down a coffee and head out the door to work, thank goodness it only takes thirty seconds to get there !

It was another cool and cloudy start to the day and it was still rather gloomy as I set up my ladder and drop sheet and prepared to start painting eves.

Those who know me well know I am a wee bit scared of heights, those who know me really really well know that even standing on the top of a ladder freaks me out a bit. Strangely I was ok with it yesterday; maybe it was the excitement of first day of a travel break for me, or the opportunity to make a bit of travelling money rather than just spending it, whatever it was I was fine. This morning it wasn’t so flash. The first hour and a bit I really struggled on the ladder, I was painting slowly to not make rapid movements and I seem to be getting paint splashes everywhere – especially on my new shirt – luckily it was bought for this purpose and only cost 4 euros (6 NZD).

I stopped at 8:30 as I was hoping to be able to Skype my mum and sons who are at her house for dinner – however, my email must have been unread as they were not logged on. I had a coffee and a break from the painting and was not really looking forward to heading back as I had a couple of hard sections to do – close to the edge of the veranda – the ground is a lot further away at the edge !

On the way into the house I found the Levi’s I bought in KL that were hanging on the drying frame were lying on the ground with the Leather Levi’s badge on the bag half eaten off by Muttley, along with a chunk of denim. I am hoping it will start a new trend in dog-chewed denim. Luckily I NEVER tuck shirts into jeans so they are entirely usable.

From then on the day passed fairly quickly, I stopped for a coffee with Ian just after 10:00 and worked till 3:30 when it was hot and just getting a bit too windy to be standing on a ladder. I moved around the house a bit trying to avoid the worst of the sun as it came out from behind the clouds. The house looks a bit odd now with sections of eve unpainted. I also made a start on the huge retaining wall behind the house. It is in pretty rough condition as well, so the first job was getting the edges and details done with the brush.

Chilled for the rest of the day until it was time to cook dinner. The Spanish don’t eat until very late in the day, I am always starving by dinner time – started cooking about 8.40 !

Sunset from the deck – again…

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