Work day !!!!

Day 201, Monday 23 July 2012 – Alcaucin

Work day !

It has been a while since I last used the W word and meant it, let alone actually did any of it personally, so I was verging on enthusiastic when I launched myself out of bed at 6:15 this morning, well less of a launch and more of a stumble I guess.

I grabbed a quick coffee and at 7:00 Ian and I left for the days job. About twenty five metres later we arrived at the house over the road bar one which Ian has the job of painting. By local standards it is a reasonably large single storey villa and is some serious need of painting.

Today I was going to be working on the yellow trim. There are quite strict rules on house colour here with white and yellow being the main allowed colours – and white makes a load of sense here ! I was basically left to it for the day, Ian had a bunch of his regular Monday jobs to complete so I didn’t see him till we stopped for half an hour for coffee at 10:00.

I painted until 2:00 and got a decent chunk done, the painting was harder than it should be due to the pretty average quality of the rendering, which seems to be typical of some of the houses here.

It was a great day for painting, not sunny and not overly hot, only mid twenties, so barely worked up a sweat. I did get a wee bit sun burnt which was a bit dumb of me – but good news – I did  not get any paint on my shirt – which is a complete miracle.

I was feeling pretty good after work, surprised as I had been mainly painting over my head all day and was expecting a sore neck. After a shower and a lie down I got up feeling  sore from the elbows up.

Ian and I went shopping late in the afternoon, down to the mall about fifteen minutes away. I wanted to get a few clothing items for work, cheap shorts and t-shirts that can be tossed if they get covered in paint – which is entirely likely at some stage. I also got some speakers that I can plug my MP3 player into while I am working…

Dinner was a whole kilo of prawns, bread and sauce. Yumbo !!! supermarket shopping is the shizzle !




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5 thoughts on “Work day !!!!”

  1. awesome as mate glad to see your still enjoying it .
    The painting looks like fun 😛 now you just need a brew in one hand and a paint brush in the other and you’ll fit right in 😛

    1. Hey Lindsay, yep always having some sort of fun…

      going to need a beer as I get towards edge of the deck, one before, one during and couple after I think…

  2. You might even conquer that queasiness over heights!! Mike and I came back up Centennial at the end of our Friday night run…. so it was about 10pm climbing up that rocky bit with the rope first, then the odd ankle-height tripwire, then the wooden handrail that separates the runner from Ultimate Death by Freefall into Piha Valley… I thought of you, stopped at the top and turned my headlamp off…. it was a bit freaky!! 🙂

    1. When I get home, there is no way I am doing Friday night runs with you guys then. Though maybe dark is a better way to do that section !

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