Day 200, Sunday 21 July 2012 – Alcaucin

I am only posting today as it is day two hundred on the road – or since I left New Zealand anyway. Not sure if taking some days off really counts as being on the road either, but meh, its my blog so I can do what I want.

What I wanted to do today was nothing apart from un-pack and finally catch-up with the email backlog. Up until the time I started typing this post I pretty much achieved that.

Ian had not got home before I went to bed last night so I didn’t realise he was home when I got up at 7:30 to walk the dogs, it was a beautiful time of day to be out, it was cool (ish) and the sun was still rising in the sky, you could see the light slowly moving down the hills to the west as I walked, a wonderful sight.

Ian left again for the day soon after breakfast and I finally got around to making this


Look like this !


My pack is empty, first time since well before Christmas I have not had to ferret around in it for something. So nice to put clothes in to drawers and live like a human again for a wee while. And that was really it for the day.

I watched four more episodes of Firefly, read some book, read some of the learn Spanish book (confused) and after taking the dogs for their afternoon walk watched the end of the Tour de France on TV – Go Brad ! until Ian came home.

The rest of my street.


The stairs 🙂


Dinner and TV – oh life is so normal. So good to eat fresh local veges again, one of the many things I miss about Asia.

Apart from the sunset view.






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  1. Haha…. I stopped travelling because I was sick of getting dressed sitting down (I was in my wee tent)… oh, the absolute and EXPANSIVE joy of getting dressed standing up!!!!

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