The first day of many

Day 199, Saturday 20 July 2012, Alcaucin

Awake early after quite a warm night, hopefully I will get used to the warmth quickly, I imagine so. At least it is only hot here; there is none of the draining humidity I had in Asia, which is a blessed relief. When I woke I started mentally preparing the list of things I need to do and it took a conscious effort to actually stop and remind myself that for the moment I do not NEED to do anything. I am not rushing anywhere in the next few days – or maybe even weeks as I have committed for three weeks at least. There are some tasks I will do in the next day or so, things that I have been waiting to have an actual postal address – such as organise a new New Zealand drivers licence to replace the one I lost in Laos – what seems like months ago now. The rest can wait. I grabbed a coffee and a real book – with paper pages and went back to bed.

Ian has gone to the beach with his girlfriend today so I am alone in the house, miles from anywhere apart from the village and with no car – perfect. All I have to do is walk Rosie and Muttley, my new four legged friends.

I pretty much spent the day doing very little – achieved my first goal ! I watched five episodes of the TV series Firefly, listened to some music, had a dip in the pool, read some book, ate and drank coffee. In the late morning I walked up to the village for a brief explore. A place I hope to really detail over the coming weeks.

To the north


southish. there are a number of incomplete developments here. These two were illegal and have been shut down by the authorities.






And in the afternoon I walked the dogs, not too far as it is roastingly hot.


At 7:30 I cooked myself some pasta and veges, which was extremely pleasant and then I settled into write some blog posts and do some email in front of some English TV. Such luxury – music, TV, cooking my own meals….

Sunset from the deck, apparently the good ones are yet to come.