Ryan Air – it doesn’t get any better

Day 198, Friday 19 July 2012 – Barcelona to Alcaucin

My final sleep in Barcelona was pretty much as lousy as the first two. I thought a couple of whiskies might have eased me into a doze, but at 1:30 I was still restless and ended up turning the air con on and popping the unused half of the previous nights pill. Even that was not overly successful and I had fairly long night. There is a lot on my mind at the moment and I am hoping some down time from travelling and sightseeing in Alcaucin will allow me some head space to sort everything out and start to organise phase two of my journey.
I was up before the alarm went off at 6:30, packed and drinking the final sludge-like free coffee at the hotel before 7:00 and on the road at 7:30. There was no real need to leave that early, my flight was not until 11:50 but the day was already warm and walking even only one or so kilometres with a pack and a wheelie bag when it got hot was not something I relished.

The hotel recommended the airport bus over the train and it was so much easier and quicker than the ride in from the airport, the things you know when it is too late ! I arrived at the airport almost three and a half hours before my flight – something I am used to though, a habit formed in the past few months. I found the check in for my flight and it was even manned -I thought to myself “great, I can ditch my bags and go have breakfast and un-sludge-like coffee”. But no, way too easy, after waiting for fifteen minutes I finally asked one of three people chatting what time they opened, they said an hour. Way to go Ryan Air, awesome customer service, leaving me standing there like a twit. Another nail in the Ryan Air coffin. I stomped off with my stuff and struggled negotiating the closely packed tables and chairs in the cafe while carrying coffee, breakfast and three bags.

The flight was OK, reasonably smooth, but Ryan Air does not even provide passengers with the little pouches on the back of the seat in front – which means holding magazine, glasses, mp3 player etc on my lap for the flight – not so much fun. The landing however was a different kettle of fish, I am pretty sure we dropped from a hundred foot straight down – it was the roughest landing ever, even worse than Vietnam Airlines and I thought those were bad.

My cousin Ian met me at the airport in Malaga and we left pretty much immediately for the forty minute drive to his house in Alcaucin, with a brief stop at Macca’s on the way 🙂 Ian is ten years younger than me and has lived in Alaucin for about eight years, he currently shares his house with two dogs – Rosie,


And Muttley.


I am sure these two will appear a few times over the next few days !

Alcaucin is a small village sitting at 500 metres on the edge of the Sierra Tejeda mountain range it has a population of about 2500, plus a few summer residents.

Ian and I spent the afternoon catching up on the past few years, with me admiring his CD and DVD collection – and planning a few movies sessions when he is out and about over the weekend !


mmmmmm, what is this outside my bedroom wall…


I am staying on the ground floor of Ian’s double storey house; I have a bedroom, bathroom and a lounge area with my own TV and best of all – a stereo. I am so looking forward to using the stereo and listening to music of my choice that is not being played through the tinny speakers on my laptop or the headphones on my Sony Walkman.

Once the worst of the heat had gone out of the evening we wandered up to the village and had a couple of beers and some dinner at one of the restaurants in town – nice.

it is great to be here I have been looking forward to this for a while.

I posted photos of pets !!! Obviously I need a break 🙂

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