Last day in Da Nang

Day 98, Wednesday 11 April, Da Nang

Today was a rest day, really tired after a few bad nights sleep, some busy days and far too many nights spent over a glass or three – not that I have had any huge nights, just many small ones in a row. I was also still a bit sore from playing football – amazing how the fitness goes so quickly. A number of the others have been suffering from minor head colds and travellers belly so there was not a lot happening in the group either.

I also need to plan what I am going to do when everyone goes home and I am back on my own, as well as plan my medium term travel as I have made a decision to get to the UK for early June and support my running buddy Mal Law on his 1000km 14 day charity run along England’s south coast.

So, after breakfast with the crew in the hotel restaurant I wandered back up to my room and spent a few hours trying to conjure up a travel plan from thin air, reply to a bunch of overdue emails, edit photos and do blog posts. None of which were done successfully  I had so much trouble focusing – too many days away from work I think, and to be honest, focusing was never a strong point (Jana – if you read this  – please ignore, I have been drinking, I will make a wonderful employee should you place me in a role !).

After a few hours of dedicated procrastination I went down to the lobby to say goodbye to Dan’s sister Leonie, who was heading off to Hanoi and I finally moved myself and my laptop to Temple Bar and had a cheese feast pizza (I so miss cheese) and a few beers for lunch, and continued my online procrastination until my laptop battery ran out.

Tonight was the last day in Da Nang for all of us, including Dan and Van, with Van leaving her family to go to Australia with Dan for a few months. Van’s family had invited us all around for dinner and some went in a taxi and I got to ride for the last time with Dan on the back of the bike as it was also being returned to Van’s house.

I will miss the bike riding – I do not have the confidence to ride in the insanity of a Vietnamese city myself but being on the back is a blast. It is such a great way to travel, though highly dangerous – one of Dan’s friends, Debs, spent some time in the orthopaedic ward of one of the Da Nang hospitals as part of a work program – a huge number of their patients are the result of motorbike accidents – we saw a (probably fatal) accident on the wedding day between a small truck and a bike.

On the way to Van’s we stopped at a pharmacy so Dan could grab some throat lozenges and i wanted to see if they could supply some sleeping pills, I have been using Zopiclone off and on  for years for insomnia – (more off than on – I have used 25 since November…) or some Tamazapan, but they didn’t have any of those, but they did sell me 10 valium for $4 NZ, so I at least have something to help sleep.

Dinner with Van’s family was wonderful, the food was just outstanding and Van’s family were very welcoming and lovely and obviously distraught that they are losing a daughter overseas – though I am sure not for ever as Vietnam is a wonderful place and Dan and Van  will be back here to live sooner rather than later.

It was a good night!

I will be back to Da Nang soon enough, a few kick around with Vans Bro Luc and some snooker and beer with her bro-in-law Win. Cannot wait.

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