Finally, a reason to plan – The Coast Path Walkway run

Malcolm Law is one of my New Zealand running trail running buddies and has done a couple of big charity runs in NZ in recent times – in fact he is wee legend as well as a top bloke.

Mal and his equally mad English friend Tom Bland have committed to run England’s South West Coast Walkway  – 1014 Kilometres – in just 14 days to raise money for mental health awareness in both New Zealand and Great Britain.

Before  I left NZ I kind of vaguely hinted to Mal that if I was in the UK in June, when the run takes place then I would come along and run a day or two – if I had the fitness, and support Tom and him, in a small way on their quest.

A few days ago I received an email from Vicki a mutual friend of Mal and mine saying that Mal’s wife had just gotten her exam timetable and had an exam in NZ during the first week Mal was running – and if I was in the area would I be able to be Mal’s support crew/driver/photographer/FB updater etc etc for the first week of the run.  Would I ever  !

I am not sure I am up to this, lots of responsibility in supporting ultra-ultra marathoners, but Mal is such a cool guy and doing such a good thing I could never say no, in fact I was quit honoured to be asked –  plus I know it will be a whole load of fun too.

Please check out their website and support it, read what the guys are up to and why – 1000km is a hell of a long way and will be HUGE challenge for them, or anyone else, so this undertaking is not to be taken lightly.

So – finally I have a plan – well at least an objective… I will be in England for mid-June,  not yet entirely sure of the details and what will happen in-between, but I know where I will be in two months and sorry England – I am not praying for a 30 degree summer….

Now I just need to come up with
A)     A plan for the next few days/weeks in SE Asia
B)      Some fitness so I can pretend to be athletic when I get to the UK and run at least a couple of clicks – not that this means giving up beer, I may have to stop eating….

I am sure there will be a lot more on this as the next couple of months disappear.

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One thought on “Finally, a reason to plan – The Coast Path Walkway run”

  1. It is, at least, a very GOOD ‘reason to plan’!! Unlike the usual reasons to abruptly curb ethereal drift and set a plan in stone…. such as someone getting ill; someone dying, someone getting pregnant, running out of money, leaving the country v getting arrested; terminal homesickness; tenants trashing your only asset; bloodthirsty coups in your own or the host
    country… 🙂

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