A step outside the comfort zone !

Ok, not really, but a different form of travel for me.

I have booked myself on a tour !!! Now I have done it I am having uncomfortable thoughts about the other people on the tour, fingers crossed they are not all morons 🙂

I am going to do a three day and two night Mekong Delta tour, it just seems to be way less complex than trying to get around on my own, though I am sure once out there I would be fine. I have read that the organised tours can actually be cheaper than solo travel in this next of the woods and at 60NZD for the whole thing (boats, buses, food and bed) it would be hard to beat.  I am sure I will also get lots of opportunity to financially assist many vendors on the way.

I can see myself mocking tour bus tourists in other places, so will expect to see some looks of disdain from other backpackers as we pass through various towns on the way.

I have also started fleshing out a plan that will see me arrive in the UK in early June, via Sri Lanka.  So I have about 6-7 weeks to do Vietnam, Laos and Nth Thailand. Will have that all detailed soon and will update the Plan Page.

I hope to catch up with blog posts today !

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