Da Nang – failed planning day.

Day 98, Wednesday 11 April 2012, Da Nang.

I think this was the first day where nothing was planned to start at 7.30 am for days, though I was still up early and down for breakfast for 7.30. Quite a few people were sick with various ailments and I needed some time to start planning the next few weeks, so it was a slow day in the hotel for all.

As I have now committed to being in England for Mal’s run in mid-June I need to get around Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand before heading to Sri Lanka. I will spend a few days there and then head to England around the first week of June to prepare.

I am so hopeless at planning, I spent the morning on the internet, reading my guide book and not making any useful decisions at all. I did download some music and write a few emails – avoidance, one of my specialities… I did email Chris and Trish who I met in Borneo, as they said to come visit them when I am in Vietnam, they live in Vung Tau a beach town an hour and a half from Saigon by ferry and they have now invited me to come and stay on the 19th which is very cool of them.

By this time it was mid-afternoon so I decided to go and procrastinate further over pizza and beer at Temple bar for a couple of hours, I made some progress in planning, but still have nothing concrete. The hard part is trying to fit all the things I want to see into a logical, and cost effective order to best make use of the 6 or 7 weeks I have left in SE Asia, it seems like a lot of time but there a lot of places to go.

That evening we were all invited around to Van’s parents house for a meal as this was to be Van’s last night in Vietnam for three months as her and Dan go to Australia. It was a lovely meal and a nice time with the two families. After a couple of hours we left Dan and Van to say there farewells and went back to the hotel.

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