Banteay Kdei

Day 59 – Saturday, 03 March 2012, Part 3  of 3- Siem Reap – Banteay Kdei

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Tuk tuk jam on the way out of Ta Prohm.

On the way back to the GH from Ta Prohm I asked to stop at another Wat site as we passed, Banteay Kdei (citadel of chambers). Banteay Kdei was a large monastery that was started in the late 1100’s though it was never fully finished and built quite hastily causing it to now be in a rather tumbled state.

The site was reasonably small, and quite low down compared to the multi-layered Angkor Wat and the larger Ta Prohm. We spent an interesting forty five minutes walking around and snapped a few photos of the carvings.

One of side gates

There were some great carvings here amongst the ruins.

I really liked these, almost all that was left.

This was my favourite shot from the site, I really like these faces and am looking forward to going to Bayon in a couple of days. This clearly shows how these are constructed, it is probably two meters high and five off the ground.After the very early morning spent walking in the heat, we had a late lunch at the same place we had breakfast and I took a whole load of photos of life passing by the cafe.I have posted a load of the bicycles already, but this was my favourite, the cafe is almost over the road from a local clinic.

This was followed by some serious time in air conditioning and a shower to wash away the layers of red dust.

For dinner we went to the five suns restaurant where we ate the previous two nights, the food there is great, I have had a Khmer curry, green mango salad and tonight I had another local meal amok, which again was just so tasty. I almost feel guilty eating these wonderful meals that cost about $3 NZ. We do leave a small tip each night ! I was just settling into a vodka and tonic (change from beer) when a guy in an arsenal shirt came in and asked the staff to put the TV on ESPN. Arsenal V Liverpool live was just about to start, so Mike went back to the GH and I joined the English guy in front of the TV for the next couple of hours. We were soon joined by Sam another young English guy who now lives in Seim Reap and runs a small Thai cafe up the road. Arsenal won 2-1 so it was a great game ! Though my ankles got massacred by small flying biting things. It was a long, but awesome day.

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  1. The lady at the back is holding a saline drip bag? Kim and I did two days around Angkor one one bike with our driver Sampork. Being pillion bitches was a really cool way to get around … the best part was when it poured and we hid under the driver’s single large raincoat (for all three of us). Memories like that are priceless. Trust your priceless moments are mounting too.

    1. I am sure am getting some pretty good memories and it is the small things that I am sure will remain, though seeing the sleeping shark is still my favourite !

      Yep she is carrying a drip, she was the second one we saw, so I decided I should get the camera out just in case.

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