The Wedding Present instore @ Rough Trade East

Monday 05 September 2016 – London.

A second ‘gig’ in four days, though this was not really a proper gig. The Wedding Present sans drummer performed an in-store at Rough Trade East to support the launch of their new album ‘Going, Going…’. I was never going to turn down the opportunity to see another favourite band, and one I have never seen before.

The Wedding Present were a large part of the sound of my mid to late 80’s, ever since I bought and fell in love with early single ‘This boy can wait’ in 1986, off the back of a track on the C86 cassette given away with the NME. In 1991 they recorded a noisy feedback laden version of what was for many, many years my favourite song of all time – Steve Harley’s ‘Make me smile’. Their songs of love lost, love unrequited, break ups and pain, backed by fast distorted pop guitars, bass and drums were the best since Buzzcocks first couple of LPs in the early punk years. I am such a sucker for a bit of heartache in my ears.

I kind of fell out of touch with their music for a while, coincidentally at the time of the demise of vinyl in the early nineties. A time when I fell out of touch with a lot of music I had followed when records were how it was consumed.

I have recently started listening to some of their newer music and when I read about a new album; on double vinyl, and with a free show, I wasn’t going to pass the opportunity up to go and buy it; and get a free show as well.

The photos are in black and white as dim purple lightening is not flattering at all.


David Gedge, the singer/guitarist is the only remaining member from the first band, and he still has the voice and vocal and delivery I loved 30 years ago.


In a show of very uncharacteristic organisation I wrote down all the song titles as they played them…

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of older songs that were played as well, really old tracks like ‘My favourite dress’ and the final track ‘Everybody thinks he looks daft’, some Albini period tracks ‘Dalliance’, ‘Cordoroy’, ‘Brassneck’ and (I think) ‘Crawl. Four tracks from the new LP. ‘Bear’, ‘Birdsnest’, ‘Rachel’ and ‘Broken bow’ were mixed in and absolutely fitted in amongst the classics.


Reviews for the new album have been very complimentary, some saying it is as good as good as the classic LP, ‘Sea Monsters.

I have only just started to listen to it tonight, but so far so good. Instrumental tracks – a real break from previous Wedding Present records (There was a 10″ single of Ukrainian folk songs in 80s/90s that may have had some non-vocal tracks) – and I am a massive sucker for instrumentals. I cannot wait for some love lorn lyrics though.

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