The end of the road–trip.

Sunday 03 April 2016 – Auckland, New Zealand.

Wow, our little road trip is over today, and we only have two more days in New Zealand before we head back towards London. We have a couple of days in Hong Kong to break the journey, which is a relief as the jet lag has hit me big time. Man, this trip has gone by so fast.

The sky was refreshingly gentle this morning, there is still cloud about, but it is not as dark and broody as yesterday. The view from the deck of the bach is down over Goat Island, our only destination of interest for the day, before we head back into Auckland.


After breakfast and a quick tidy and clean of the bach, the four of us headed down to Goat Island. The island is in a small marine reserve which was established, I think, in the 1970s. As a reserve there is no fishing or shell fish gathering allowed so there are literally hundreds of fish and other types of marine life.

It appears that fish are less stupid than you would think, around Goat Island there are big old snapper, rays, moki, mau mau – all sorts of species that make coastal north island their habitat. We used to do a lot of snorkelling here in the early 1980s, and you could and still can hand feed the greedy snapper. Go around the corner to Mathesons Bay and you will see no fish at all. All the fish came here Smile

I see that feeding the fish is no longer encouraged!


El and I were not going to go snorkelling, just a walk around, though Mel and Dickie ventured in for a look around after we had left.

The tide was quite low so we got to walk out a way on to the rocks so we could peer over the edge to look for fish, the water was quite clear but we didn’t see anything apart from a few tiddlers in the rock pools.


 It is a nice beach, with some really cool gnarly old pohutakawa trees.




It was soon time for El and I to farewell Mel and Dickie and head back to Auckland.


We stopped in Matakana again, just for a quick for coffee, in a very crowded Sunday brunch type cafe before taking the hour long drive back to mum’s place.

Road trip over. It was good!

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