Southbank Skate park

On Monday I finally did something I never thought I would do and signed up to Twitter. It seems a lot of activities that I am interested in like gigs and exhibitions are now promoted on Twitter first. Today I saw a tweet about go skateboarding day being held today and thought I should head back along to Southbank to see what was happening.

For a change I took the big camera with the big lens as I hardly ever use it and it seemed like the best option for shooting skaters. The skate park at Southbank is covered and a little dim for flash free photography, so a reasonably tough shoot. There were a couple of quite good skaters there, along with a couple of photographers and some guys shooting video so I kind of stayed out of the way.

As I mentioned on this post there is a proposal to move the skate park and re-use the location for retail outlets and frankly this sucks….

More here

Here is what I got.

IMG 6716

IMG 6717

IMG 6719

IMG 6721

IMG 6724

IMG 6731

IMG 6740

IMG 6744

IMG 6745

IMG 6747

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  1. Your posts are awesome Phil – not being a London native I haven’t seen that side of things 🙂 We are loving NZ by the way despite the worst storm to hit Wellington for decades (which was actually quite exciting as a newcomer!). Hope you make it back and we can meet up. Keep plugging away on the job front – you’ll find the perfect one eventually. x

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