Days 319 and 320, Sunday and Monday 18/19 November 2012 – Kempu Camp, Nakuru, Kenya

I had a much better sleep last night, even though it was a very early night. It must have been the movie that helped put me to sleep. It was a quiet night in the camp site as well and very little noise from neighbouring dogs and birds either. I was up at 6:00, showered and sorted ready for coffee and breakfast in the camp, bacon, eggs and beans on toast washed down with really good coffee – wonderful. It was a great start to day one of the third and final leg of this African odyssey. Nairobi in Kenya, via Uganda to Kigali in Rwanda over two weeks.

At 8:00 we were on the road back into downtown Nairobi to pick up the eight other customers on this trip, a nice small group.

I have moved myself back to the front seat I started in back in Cape Town. Though it has less leg room than the others I get less wind in my face and a better view. As I have a double seat to myself the leg room is less of an issue.

I spent the thirty minute trip to the pick up point sitting in the back of the truck discussing the coming tour with the tour leader Brett. We were wondering on what it and the new group would be like. As a tour guide this must be the worst part of each trip – waiting to meet the people you have to look after in the near future. I would hate it!

We picked up the newbies from the same place the last trip ended, by the Israeli embassy, and were on the road for 9:00. There is a young Kiwi couple, five English people and a German woman – I am possibly the oldest this time round. Five of them have done trips with Africa-in-Focus before, which will certainly make things simpler!


The weather was a bit drizzly as we made our way of out of Nairobi, I was starting to think my gumboot purchase was a one, though as we hit the rift valley later in the morning the weather was considerably better. We have taken a different route to the one I was on the other day and the view point we stopped at did not have the sweeping views over the valley that we had last week, I didn’t bother taking a photo of it in the end. We were warned to be careful on the floor boards of the lookout – and you can see why…

IMG 5688

The rest of the trip to Kempu camp, just outside of Nakaru National Park, was uneventful and it was quite fine when we got there. I managed to keep my old tent, warts and all, at least I knew where the fault in the zip was.

Brett (tour leader) gave his tour briefing after lunch, as I had already heard two of them Will and I took a walk out in to the farm land that the camp is part of. Will had stayed here for a few months some time back as he was doing some work in one of the local orphanages, so knew his way around – and he was keen to stretch his legs, as was I. Stupidly I did not take my camera with me and missed some fantastic photo opportunities as dark, angry clouds scudded across the skies -damnit. We had been walking for a couple of hours when things started to stir badly in bowels, if only I had my camera bag, I was prepared for that as well. It was a hurried walk back to the camp and I only just made it in time.

It was the beginning of the end ! I was Ok for another hour and was just settling in to a late afternoon group chat over a beer when I had to rush off again and that was it for the rest of the day and I had to lie down. The night was pretty awful, I was freezing cold, it was a cold night, nd I had quite a temperature. I did take a couple of my anti-malerials – doxicyclin as it includes a broad spectrum anti-biotic, along with panadol and a lot of water.

The following day, Monday was game drive day and I managed to stagger out bed at breakfast time and tell Brett I wasn’t going to be able to make it. I was gutted as this was the main activity for the first week of the trip and I was really looking forward to it. I love game drives, and this was an all day one ! I didn’t even see people off, I just crawled back into my tent. Will dropped by the tent a couple of hours later and I moved to a spare bed in the crew room, it was a lot quieter and a lot more comfortable and I finally managed to get some sleep.

I was feeling a heck of a lot better when I got up mid-afternoon, I had a couple more pills, drank some water and then vomited for the first time in over 30 years, I barely made it to some bushes before what little was left inside came out. Remarkably after I recovered from the physical exertion I actually felt quite a lot better, my temperature was back to normal and the cramps and nausea were soon gone.

The others arrived back from their game drive at 6:30, it sounded like they had an amazing time with some really good rhino sitings – one crossed the road in front of one of the 4wds, so unfair !! I had a ginger and a small amount of dinner and feeling a lot better I went to bed at 8:00. Though no sleep as the bar was really noisy.

So ended the first two days, not a very good start!

This post was written over a month later, taken from some hand written notes I made at the time. I did not take many photos during this week unfortunately.

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