When in the village…

Day 293, Tuesday 23 October 2012 – Livingstone, Zambia

I was glad I was in the room last night as it hammered down in the early hours, but having said that the tent is pretty waterproof. I had left the tent all zipped up over the past couple of days but someone must have unzipped the rain flap a bit yesterday as I discovered it slightly open and a large puddle had accumulated inside the door. Unfortunately this morning we had to check out of the room and the truck had gone off for a service so we had to stick the bags in the tent, a bit annoying when you have a few thousand dollars worth of camera gear! I had also planned on spending a couple of hours or so in the truck working on photos and blogs as I am still way behind and didn’t get anywhere near as much done yesterday as I wanted – but I did enjoy the long lunch, the swim and the lie downs!

The weirdest thing happened last night, I woke about midnight or so and it felt like I had swallowed a bug that had stung me on the back of the throat, i felt a sharp sting and then there was a small amount of swelling that restricted swallowing a bit this freaked me a bit, but it was not enough to block airwaves or anything and it went down after a few minutes. I was sleeping under a mozzie net so not sure what happened, this morning I was wondering I dreamt the sting and the reaction was psychosomatic – the swelling definitely happened. Weird…

After making final use of the hot ho water in the chalet by having the first shave in two weeks I checked out and went and sat by the campsite and typed this under a tree. The rain stopped earlier this morning and it is coolish when the breeze is blowing, but there is a lot of cloud cover still and it could get grotesquely humid later on – my freshly shaved face hates the humidity.

In the early afternoon Leonie and I got a lift into Livingstone on the camp shuttle, we wandered up through the town to the local museum. Town is Ok, a typical large African town, a bit dusty and dirty and the colonial era buildings in a mild state of disrepair. A lot of the state and local government buildings have these mission statements on walls or boards outside, I think they are sweet.

IMG 4528

I humped my great big camera around all day but didn’t really take any photos, a bit dumb of me I guess.

The museum was interesting, it wasn’t worth the $5USD entry fee, it did remind me of the museums in New Zealand – about thirty years ago – lots of moulding stuffed animals etc. There was a village scene which was good and a highlight for Leonie (I missed it) was hearing the sound of water and turning around to see one of the local boys peeing on the sand floor of the mock village. Hilarious!

I was not feeling 100% today so after the museum we went back to the shopping area, changed some money and bought some snacks and things for the next few days.

I spent a bit more time blogging at the neighbours place before heading back to the camp site for a night back in the tent and the first dinner with the new tour buddies. It was a bit of a weird meal, all us old hands knew how the system worked and the seven newbies obviously didn’t. We had also gelled as a group and with the crew and the others were still meeting each other as well as us.
As soon as dinner had finished there was a massive frenzy of cleaning up by the new folk as they were keen t get involved, they even cleaned up all the chairs – it was only 7:30 and people drifted off to bed. Weird. I went to the bar and had one drink by myself – I was hoping to find Bill there but he had already left.

It is tomorrow morning in New Zealand, and my son Aiden’s birthday. I tried to call him from my cellphone but didn’t have any joy so sent him a text. With nothing else to do I went to bed.

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