A wee bit of luxury

Day 292, Monday 22 October 2012 – Livingstone, Zambia

Even though I slept under a mozzie net I had a few bites on me this morning, not sure if it was from the shower or not, I couldn’t see them under the net when I was in bed. The campsite here is the worst place for mosquitoes that I have seen in Africa so far, the showers are really bad. I have been using repellent on my ankles but had bites on my back – unusual.

It was good to sleep in a room, but due to the mosquitoes we had all the windows closed so it was quite stuffy, even with the fan on. The room came with a cooked breakfast, which was average at best, but at least I could get a plunger coffee which was not too bad. Though we did get to watch some elephants swimming across the Zambesi in the distance which was pretty, make that very, cool.

The plan for the day was to do very little and I am glad to say I exceeded myself and did even less than that. I had hoped to crack a few blog posts out and get a long way into photo reviewing, I achieved a bit but not as much as I would have liked.

I did have a very nice lunch at the neighbouring hotel, made use of their internet to check some bank balances and upload a couple of blog posts and have a couple of quick dips in their pool. I am surprised I have enjoyed the relaxing so much, it is not normally my thing at all.

At 4:00 Bill (from first leg), Leonie and I caught a cab to the Zambesi Sun hotel where we met up Dave and Nancy (also from the last leg) for a G and T on the river bank deck of the neighbouring Royal Livingstone hotel. The cab driver who dropped us off, asked us if we wanted him to collect us later, gave us his number and drove off without us paying him. Obviously they really trust westerners !

On the walk between hotels we saw a giraffe just off the path as well as three elephants grazing on the river bank, plus vervet monkeys galore – I love Africa !


We sat and watched the sun disappear into the cloud over a hippo infested section of the Zambesi River just before it hit Victoria Falls. We could see the clouds of spray billowing up and out of the gorge, a stunning back drop for a convivial drink.

We went back to the Zambesi Sun and had pizza for dinner, I love pizza and this was good!

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