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Day 194, Monday 16 July 2012, Paris to Barcelona

Lousy sleep again, medicated myself a bit but still only managed a few short hours and all too sudden the alarm was going off and it was time to get up, pack up and eat a final tedious of bad coffee, croissant and baguette – I never thought I would get sick of fresh bread, but that was all that was on offer for the included breakie.

The airport transfer shuttle picked Emily and I up on time and proceeded to take us on a morning tour of Paris to collect other travellers heading to Charles De Gaul airport, luckily both our flights were in the same terminal building, let alone the same airport. We arrived with plenty of time and Emily’s British Airways flight to London took about 3 minutes to check in while my Easy Jet took about 40. We said our fair wells while I queued. It was most excellent to see her again and spend a week such a cool city.

With Easy jet you do not get an allocated seat, something I have not experienced since catching a flight from LA to San Francisco with my parents way back in the 70’s, a flying bus service. I got on early enough to make sure I got an aisle seat though.

The flight to Barcelona was excellent, I sort of dozed a bit, but no turbulence at all, clear skies all the way. It was 27 degrees and sunny in Barcelona – my first real touch of European summer, and the first non-running related sweat for over a month !


I took the train from the airport to the centre of town and then joined a mass of confused tourists standing at an intersection after we left the underground train exit in a street with road works and no signs ! after a while someone noticed a Metro sign and arrow painted on the side walk, so we all followed that till we found the Metro station so onward journeys could be completed. The walk to my line (purple) was the longest I have ever experienced, it just went on and on and on. Once I got to the correct station I had a wee moment of wandering around in three wrong directions before I managed to locate myself on the map and found my lodgings for the next few days. The Barcelona Centre Inn in Eixample, about ten minutes walk from the good bits. The room is about the size of a large bed – thank goodness it was only a small one, but it does have a balcony – with no view.


I found myself a convenience store and got some wine , water, potato chips and Oreos and then went for a walk to the nearby Arc de Triomf, built for the Barcelona Expo in 1888.



I went in search of beer and dinner and only managed to find the first, the restaurants around here only seem to serve breakfast and lunch, no dinner. Bum ! glad I bought the chips and oreos then. I retired to my room and finally managed to get some reasonable wifi, had a few wines a bag of chips and went to bed.

Another day, a new country.




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