I am still here :)

I am still supporting Malcolm on his run around England’s southwest coast path. The up and down terrain has been matched with ups and downs in both wellness and morale.

The other runner Tom pulled out two days ago due to incredle pain in both shins and that was after two days of using walking poles due to a knee injury sustained last Saturday.

Mal has been suffering off and on from intense pain in a number of areas, but is determindly walking on using poles to make life easier. This has meant that the goal of doing 1014 km in 14 days was not achievable so a new plan was drawn to finish in 17.

We are now on day 13 and reasonably on track, over 700kms completed so far. Since Tom has left and Mal’s wife has arrived I have managed to squeeze a couple of runs and two consecutive days of five hour walks. The scenery has been great and the weather not bad and I have immensely enjoyes the walks. Sadly I did not take my camera on them so do not have much in the way of photos.

We have been doing 18 hour days, 12 walking plus all the pre and post stuff. That combined with a lack of internet has meant no blog posts, either here or over on coastpathrun.co.uk for days. Once I am back in the real world I can summarise, but it has been an interesting and challenging fortnight so far !

I have no idea exactly when this will be over, nor what I will do, where I will go and where I will live until I go to Paris on the 9th July. In fact I am not sure what I will after Paris either. Chamonix probably, but before and after Suggestions are welcome !

Sleep is number one on the to do list !

I will get around to catching up on blog reading when I have some internet that is not on my mobile data plan. There is better internet access in hostels in SE Asia than in southern England !

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