An “oh sh*t moment” – ERR 01

When I was in Kuala Lumpur I planned on buying a 16 -35 mm f2.8 wide angle zoom lens for my Canon 5D mk1 that I had sent to my uncle’s house in England. The prices were good so I ended up buying that lens plus the classic white 70-200mm f2.8 as well, at the time this seemed like a good idea.

When I got to the UK and packed my old LowePro camera bag with the 5d plus the new lenses and then went to pick it up I wasn’t so sure how good an idea the 70-200 was. The bag was crammed and damn heavy, especially as I have been using a very light and very small Panasonic GF1 for the past five months all around Asia.

When I was out walking back from Porlock Weir yesterday afternoon I stopped to take a photo of the view out over the sea and BAM the mirror locked up and ERR 01 was displayed on the screen. I shut the camera down and tried again and got the same result. I thought “Oh sh*t !! Tomorrow I have Mal and Tom turning up for their big adventure, which I was going to photograph, I am miles from anywhere and my camera has just died”

I made a very fast (it was also raining), walk back to the hotel, grabbed my laptop and ran back down to the lobby and Googled “ERR 01”.

Google said it was an error with the lens connecting to the camera, I ran back upstairs, chucked the 70-200 on and everything worked fine. Whew…

It looks like the 24-105 lens needs repair, but at least the camera works and I am now very relieved I bought the two lenses in KL !

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