A blurry old day

Day 148, Thursday 31 May 2012, Perhentian Kecil

Diving day today – double yay !

I have heard good things about the diving here and from what I saw from the boat coming in yesterday I am really looking forward to getting into the water – plus the first dive is on a wreck so even better.

You, my faithful reader(s), will be pleased to know I slept well last night and even the cock crowing from underneath my room didn’t really wake me from my slumber until after 6.30. A great start to the day. What was not so great is I could not find anywhere to eat breakfast at 7.00 – nothing was open, even worse the Nai Yang ! I walked back up to room, grabbed my phone and went and Facebooked for a while in the “reception area” of my “hostel” – not quite the words I would use to describe the accommodation, I will take a photo on my day off. It is comfy and quiet though – well last night it was any way.

I went back down to Long Beach at 8.00 and it was raining a little bit and mildly overcast, things were open so I did get to have poached eggs on toast for breakfast – I wanted fried egg and rice, and have not been able to get it for weeks – very disappointing as it is a great pre-dive feed.


After breakfast I was off to the dive shop – “Spice Divers” to kit up and be briefed on the dive. There was ten of us diving, two groups of four with a dive master. The ride out to the “Sugar Wreck” site took about twenty five minutes. The wreck sits on the bottom at just over 18 metres so it is a good all round dive, with the top of the wreck at 5 metres, after the dive I jumped back in with a mask and snapped a quick shot.


Sadly I had really bad problems with mask fogging and i could not clear it permanently even though I flushed the mask a dozen times, this really made the dive less enjoyable than it should have been, visibility was great and the water was so warm we did not use wet suits ! I enjoyed it, but I should have LOVED it. I will dive it again if it comes up over the next few days. The dive site – shooting into the sun.



Through a miscommunication I missed the lunch time dive so remarkably spent a whole hour and a half on the beach under a shade – I never do beach, just not in my nature ! Long beach is beyond gorgeous, the sand is white and water crystal clear.




The second, and late afternoon dive, was at Curtain Rock and again I had mask issues – different mask and different issue. This time things were blurry and I could not fix it all, it was like diving with my reading glasses on. Again a great dive made merely enjoyable by a dodgy mask. The first time it was my fault, but this time I am blaming the mask, though of course once you are under it is too late to fix.

The dive site.


After filling in log books and chatting with the other divers for a while I wandered back up to le mansion for a shower, change and a rest. I met my new neighbour too.


Like every night it is party night on PK tonight. I went down to the beach, where all the cafes are for dinner at 7:30, a lot later than last night and there was a few more people around. I had a mee noodle dish and another one of those awesome banana shakes, the cafes do not serve alcohol and neither do the mini-marts. The only place to buy beer is from one of the few bars, i grabbed a couple of cans and had one on the beach while I watched party night preparations take place. Not being either young or beautiful I decided not to stay.




And just to rub it in some more !


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7 thoughts on “A blurry old day”

  1. Sugar Wreck was shit for us yesterday with visibility down to 5m. Waste of time; couldn’t even see the wreck as a whole but only what was in front of us. Our DM (and another one elsewhere) said that 5m viz is good for that site as it is often worse. I wondered “Why bothered?” Our second dive was “average” for most people but for me it was “poor”. I have very high expectations after Sipadan, Bunaken and Weh.

    Waiting for a very unusual morning storm to pass before we head out. They can’t do Temple and T3 today; hope it will be good enough.

    1. Bummer !! We had good vis on the first dive I did on sugarwreck, the dive with the foggy mask 🙂 2nd dive was back to about 5. I hope you get some good dives in. But not as good as the dives round Semporna I agree 🙂

  2. Just got back from dinner after 2 dives. Our dive boat broke down this morning so I changed to another company with better DMs too (blessing in disguise). The rocks at T3 were interesting to explore (like canyons). Evening dive at D’Lagoon had the best coral gardens I’ve ever seen. So Perhentians has redeemed itself.

    What surprises me is that all DMs (including the ones that didn’t take us) think Sugar Wreck is fine with bad viz. They think bad viz is part of the ambiance. What crap! They think I’m very spoilt.

    I’d happily come back but Sipadan comes first (Feb). Plenty of other places in the world to do and redo first though.

    1. Did you do any swim throughs at T3 ? Loved that bit. Glad you got at least one good dive in. I will.do Sipidan at some stage in.the next 12 months. Will book far enough ahead though. If things go according to plan it will be april next year. Cannot make Feb though !

      1. Most excellent ! Any tank getting briefly wedged moments ? I had one that I had to take a deep breath on and work out how to extract myself. All good fun !

      2. No, a bit of scraping of the tank but just breathe out and it dislodges. Now get this … the second dive was shallow and good and we went for 77 minutes! My longest ever, made worthwhile in an amazing coral garden.

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