Nha Trang

Day 109, Sunday 22 April 2012, Nha Trang

Up fairly early and out for a walk around the streets near the hostel and down to the beach. The beach looks quite nice and like the beaches near Da Nang there was a number of both local and western people taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and getting a swim in.

I walked for an hour and my first impression of Nha Trang (yet to be changed 36 hours later) is that it is a fairly soulless place. It is a beach town full of hotels, souvenier shops, bars, restaurants, travel shops and massage spas. There is no character and limited vibe to the place, Ok it was 6.30 AM, but Nha Trang makes no pretence to be anything but a beach and party town, and its main source of business is Russia. Some restaurants do not even bother with Vietnamese or English signs !


I stopped for breakfast and a great filter coffee at one of the local cafes – things are cheap here but not cheap cheap, however I have not moved out of the tourist area yet.


Mum – one of these filters is on the way to you in the post, but you may not want to use condensed milk.

On the way back from my walk I found a small barber directly over the road from my hotel and decided to check them out later for a shave. The last shave I had was about sixteen days ago and that was a tough one, so I thought I would leave it all up to the pros ! It was a good shave, took ages and I tipped almost as much as the cost of the shave – and still less than $5. Sure beats shaving myself : )

When I got back to the hotel I moved to my proper room, last night I was given a free upgrade as they “had a nice room free as long as i didn’t mind moving in the morning”. the proper room is just fine !

[edit] The recpetionist in the hotel didn’ recognise me when I came in this afternoon – she said I looked a lot younger – I sense a tip when I leave ! credit where it is due, the service in this hotel has been fabbo [end edit]

The rest of the day was spent relaxing again – I am starting to get a bit more energy back, and I after a bit of research I booked myself three dives with Angel Divers for tomorrow. I also booked a train ticket to Da Nang for Wednesday mid-day.

I planned on heading to the night market to suss it out and try to get some cheap street food for dinner when I spotted Ollie, one of the English guys from last night, walking into the bar almost over the road from my hotel so I decided to pop in and say hello and have a swifty beer. Six hours later I emerged from the bar to go back to my hotel room and prepare to get up for my dives in the morning….

Fortunately it was not as bad as it sounded, I did have a few beers, but kept it quiet and watched football with some mad keen West Brom. Fans – West Brom beat Liverpool, so happy days. It was a good night with Ollie and Gabby, Tom, Chris, Pa ddy – and I cannot remember his partners name… I had a nice chicken chilli for dinner but it was damn small and I went to bed hungry.

For not a lot happening it was a good day, I am glad I got a day of rest as I am starting to get physically and mentally tired, the diving should be fairly relaxing – in an active way ! I am really looking forward to getting under the water again.

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