Cocktail hour or two

Day 104, Tuesday 17 April 2012, HMC

Slow start to the day, though I wanted a down day to catch up on some blog posts as I am starting to get behind the eight ball again. Leonie had not been to the war remnants museum so she left early and I lounged around in the room for most of the morning trying to plan the next few weeks.

I put together a bit of a plan for Vietnam, Laos and Nth Thailand and realised I do not have enough time to do everything I want as well as do justice to Sri Lanka, so have decided to flag Sri Lanka this time and will go back there for a proper trip another day, so I will stay here as long as possible and go direct to London.

So….. with all this mind, I have booked myself a flight to the UK on Malaysia Airways, from KL on fifth June ! This gives me eight more weeks in SE Asia.

After Leonie got back and had time to cool down we went off to find some vege food for lunch, we found a nice Sth Indian restaurant on Bui Vien (the main tourist drag) and I had an exceptionally good vege korma and mango lassi – possibly the best korma I have had – it was that good !

After lunch I took a walk around some of the back alleys of Bue Vien.




It is incredibly hot here at the moment, the sun is brutal and even a few minutes in the early afternoon is enough to get a major sweat on, so I soon headed back to the guest house for an air con respite. I got a whole pile of washing done and hand washed my day bag as it was rank and dusty as all heck – you should have seen the colour of the water !

Late in the afternoon, I was reading the blog of someone who “liked” one of my posts and she had been to the bar on level 23 of the Sheraton Hotel in HMC for happy hour and sunset . The photos were fab, so Leonie and I decided to make a rapid twenty minute walk over to the Sheraton to get there before the two for one cocktailsshappy hour finished. It was rush hour…



We had a couple of drinks

2012-04-17 17.47

And admired the awesome view over Saigon as the sunset.






The famous Caravelle Hotel


After a few drinks and a wee wee stop – love the ashtrays in the loos….


We walked passed the Louis Vuitton shop, amongst other big brands,


Then had dinner at a street stall, and no, I had none of these options. Though I was not entirely sure what the ‘seafood’ I did have was.




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