Hoi An

Day 94, Saturday 07 April 2012, Da Nang / Hoi An

Got up far too early considering the amount of whisky I drank, was eating breakfast at 8.00 and got asked if I wanted to go to Hoi An, like right now…. so very quick scoff, very quick shower and off in a cab to Hoi An for a few hours.

It was wickedly hot and I was wickedly dehydrated and maybe not in the mood, but I was disappointed by Hoi An. It is just too touristy, all the nice buildings in the old town house tourist shops or restaurants, there is nothing authentic left.

My Other big issue with Hoi An, and I am going to have an issue with this in Vietnam, unless today I was just overly sensitive – but I am over motorbikes, the constant honking of horns, the riding everywhere in all directions, sometimes it is fun, and I know it is the way, but Hoi An is largely a pedestrian town and being honked at every 10 seconds was just a big pain in the ass…

Of course I took a bunch of photos, but of the bits I liked…. so some alley ways, I did like the alleys, out of the sun and a little bit cooler than the streets.P1110661

I liked the bicycles, many of which were found in alleys.









Some of the buildings were pretty cool





The Japanese bridge was OK in daylight.


and I liked some of the detail – especially the incense holders.





But most of the people were trying to sell you something and the constant call of “you wanna boat, one hour, cheap price” or “you wanna motorbike” or “you wanna trishaw” and “come into my shop, buy something” – just did my head in.

I did like this woman rowing her canoe, but she was ferrying a tourist over the river – so I culled him…


So Hoi An – ya let me down, you are cute, but you sell yourself like a cheap hooker – disappointed.

After Hoi An I slobbed for a while in the hotel and then went and ate a pizza at the bar up the road on my own as I had no idea what everyone else was up to, which wasn’t much at all apparently. Later on a bunch of us sat in the hotel lobby over a G and T and watched some of the wedding video.

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  1. Hi Philip
    Love all those bike photos. Enjoying the blog – keep writing!
    Gorgeous easter weather here – unfortunately spening most of it packing and working on the new house – we move on the 21st.

  2. Gr8 photos of the bikes, Phil, some of them very special. Definately keepers!

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