Wedding day !

Day 93, Friday 06 April 2012, Da Nang

Today was Dan and Van’s wedding day, wahoo !

I dragged my sorry butt out of bed as late as possible but still leaving time for a quick breakfast, shower and shave and downstairs in time to be picked up at 8.00 for the wedding.

Dan getting the final touches, tie by Tea and the corsage by his brother Russell.P1110602


There was a few car loads that left the hotel and went to Dan’s friend Phuoc’s (I think is the spelling) house to collect the dowry.

The dowry has a roasted pig, fruit, betel nuts and a few other things that I cannot remember. A number of photos were taken with the dowry and I was privileged to be one of the party that carried the gifts to the car and from the car into Van’s parents house where the ceremony took place. Naturally I got to carry the pig with Russell. (I am a vege – or maybe just fussy as Alex called me). P1110606

The arrival at both houses and the carrying of the gifts roused lots of local interest with neighbours coming out to look at us and our offerings. The ladies in the hairdressers over the road from Phuoc’s house were very interested. As well as a photographer there was also a video guy who was filming the wedding car procession from the back of a scooter, a la tour de France. It was quite a laugh !
On arriving at Vans we lined up in the correct order and carried the dowry into their house through a clapping gauntlet of Vans family and friends. Once inside Dan and his mum offered the dowry to Vans parents, thankfully they accepted !P1110612

Once the dowry was dealt with Dan and family went upstairs to meet Van and bring her down to the ceremony, she looked stunning in traditional Vietnamese wedding dress.

Is that not the biggest grin !P1110616

I am a wee bit unsure of the detail of the ceremony but there was an introduction of all family and friends by Dan and Van to each others family and friends, some exchanging of words between parents, Dans mum got to put some gold jewellery on Van.P1110621

and there was an exchange of rings.


Van and Dan and family went upstairs to seek a blessing from Vans ancestors and it was all done ! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Coe 🙂


Dan’s mum and Van’s fatherP1110633

We all piled back into the cars and went on a slow drive through Da Nang to the reception at a large venue that obviously specialises on receptions. There were three floors all hosting receptions a t the same time so there was a lot of people arriving all at once, there were two hundred guests at Dan and Vans.

At the reception I sat at the vegetarian table with Malcolm, Mark and Hayley and Phuoc, there was about seven courses and the food was great, very fresh and not all fried, such a change. Ii particularly enjoyed the salads and a lovely seaweed soup, this was all consumed over a few Tiger beers. Once everyone was seated (except for bride and groom) the show started on a small stage at the front, dragon dance and some singing and dancing, I am assuming some story was being told in the music and dance as dowry props were used.


Once the show was over the music volume picked up, the floor lights dimmed, the floods and stobes came on and a screen on a glass box at the back of the stage rose to reveal a lift in which Dan and Van descended : ) just awesome, nothing you would see at a traditional NZ wedding ! they walked down the stage to the cheers (of us NZers and Aussies) and the claps of the rest of the reception.

There was a very short formal part and then the karaoke began, most of which was not too bad, Phuoc and Van’s brother Luc took part. Phuoc giving it all..


A cheeky Xuxu, Dan’s neice.


While this went on we were all still eating and Dan and Van had to visit every table and have a photo taken with all the guests, they didn’t get to eat, poor buggers. The reception was over after two hours and all the guests filed out and the cleaners were in tidying up and readying the place for the next one.

The mass of wedding guests heading off to collect their motor bikes.P1110650

We all went back to the hotel to change into shorts and t-shirts and slob around for a while before heading out to a villa in one of the big resorts that Dan and Van (and family) stayed in overnight. We had a second reception for close friends and family, some more delicious food and a few drinks – quite a few in my case! It was a great time out at the villa, lovely atmosphere and cool to be able to spend some time with the happy couple.P1110652

It wasn’t a late night and I was so glad to have had lots of coke with my whisky, staved off what could have been a vile hangover the next day.

It was an awesome day, so nice to see Dan and Van get married and so nice to have been invited.

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  1. The “fussy” descriptor didn’t originate from me. Someone else can used it when explaining your dietary requirements to me (as I was in a panic about what to feed you in Kuching). But I’ll go along with that description until I see fish, chicken and minced beef growing straight out from the ground.

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