Back to Bangkok – again…

Days 82 and 83 Monday and Tuesday  26/27 March 2012, – Yangon to Bangkok

Monday started as Sunday  finished, sitting on the night bus from Inle Lake to Yangon. I would say I managed a few minutes sleep at most. We arrived in Yangon, pretty much on time at 6.00 AM. As is usual we were swamped by taxi drivers when we got off the bus, the one driver who managed to get dibs on us wanted to charge Mike and I 5000kjat each to go our hotel and Lisa 7000 to go to hers, we argued with him for ages about the per head price for a taxi before walking off as he would not budge from 17000 for the three of us, we found one who do it for 10000, which is still ridiculous, but at least it is  better than 17000.

We arrived at the hotel at 6.30 and found, against all hope, that are room would not be ready until the afternoon as they were full. We hung around the lobby were there was a massive domestic between a Burmese couple which we endured before moving into the restaurant when it opened at 7.00 for some breakfast, the first full meal for me in 24 hours as I just do not eat before long bus rides – it was great to chow down on some rice and fried egg and sink a couple of coffees.  Luckily some people vacated their room early so we were allowed to doss there for a couple of hours where I had a wee doze.

We managed to get into a room fairly early, and pretty much did sod all for the next day and a half, dozed, read, watched bad movies and football on TV and mike raided my laptop for books and travel guides and all the photos I took while we were together – that took a long time, my laptop has lots of goodies on it! We found a good (read expensive – by Myanmar standards) restaurant just up the road – Coffee Circles. It had Wifi and the connection was bad, but better than nothing. They also had great coffee, which you would hope given their name. We had dinner there on Monday and coffee back there on Tuesday morning.

We checked out Tuesday at the last possible minute  before 12.00 and caught a cab to town, looking for a pharmacy as Mike was getting my cold, as well as souvenirs and a money changer. We lucked out on all things, Mike couldn’t find any cold medicine he knew, souvenirs were not in the part of town we were in and walking the streets on Yangon at mid-day in March is just dumb! And finally we discovered the money changer was closed – it was armed forces day and a public holiday in Myanmar… We had lunch at Monsoon instead then taxied to the airport via the hotel.

We had to wait an hour and half at Yangon airport for the Air Asia check in to open, passengers are advised be there three hours early – especially in Myanmar as it is sloooooow, but then AirAsia only open the check in desk two hours before the flight !

Mike was flying to KL and on to Europe and I was flying back to Bangkok and on to something, but no idea what at this stage. I planned on a couple of days in Bangkok catching up on blog posts and emails and booking flights to Da Nang for the wedding in a few days, and then finding something to do for three of four days outside the city.

My flight left early and arrived at BKK on time. Had a good ride back to the reliable old HI-Sukhumvit, with all the trains arriving as I did, so was there reasonably early. I picked up a small bottle of whisky on the way at the local 7 11.

I enjoyed the four weeks travelling with Mike, we made good companions I think, we certainly had a few good laughs and did some pretty cool stuff. So Mike – thanks for your company and your patience  and I wish you well in Europe and beyond and will plan to see you in Vancouver in the future !

Today was my third month anniversary of travelling so I had a wee celebratory dram in my room, in bed, alone – party on !

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