Gallery – Bicycles of Siem Reap

I love bikes, have taken a few photos of them in the past few weeks, but usually they are riderless, today was rider day. With Siem reap being dead flat and the citizens fairly poor, cycling is a popular mode of transport.

Taken at breakfast and lunch between Wat visits.

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3 thoughts on “Gallery – Bicycles of Siem Reap”

  1. Hi

    Loving Seim Reap so far, temples great, accomodation is good and the food is awesome (and so cheap). I havent been out partying, which suits, but did have a few vodkas last night while watching football at a local restaurant.
    Angkor Thom tomorrow which I am really looking foward to, cannot wait to see bayon !

  2. Haha – these are great! Love the pink shark balloons… and the bike-on-bike.. and the impossibly short kid riding the impossibly tall bike..!

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