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Day 53/54, Friday/Saturday 17/18 Feb, Puerto Princesa to Cebu and Cebu

A couple of non-event days really, so only deserving of one post. You may have thought I have had a few non-event days over the past few months but I still managed to write about them. I am not sure if the steam is running out on my blogging, I have certainly lasted  lot longer than I expected at the start, or whether the steam is running out on my travels.

Saturday was one of those days, very hot and sunny in Cebu, no shade on the street and little wind. I mean no offence to Cebu, but I didn’t enjoy the day, not a lot to see and walking the streets of the older part of town was just unpleasant. A lot of traffic, a lot of air pollution and the drains stank, and then I discovered I had been shooting an hour long video of the inside of my camera lens cap, so when I got to one of the few things to see my camera battery was flat ! grrrrr.

Back to Friday ! I didn’t really get a lot of sleep again after we all went back to bed with the basement flooded, though I never really made it out of bed till eight or so. Surprisingly when I did look the basement was almost totally dry and the hostel staff were mopping up the last of the water – the downside was the kitchen was down there so breakfast was totally off the menu – bugger it ! My flight to Cebu was not till 12:40 and I had planned on a last great Banwa breakie to keep me going for the day, oh well.

I pretty much did nothing for the rest of the morning except pack up my stuff, check out and get a tricycle to the airport. Did nothing much at the airport either, eating a muffin was the highlight of the airport.

The one hour fifteen Airbus A320  flight from Puerto Princesa to Cebu was possibly the gentlest flight I have had since I left Auckland, though the landing was interesting… Cebu is one of those places where it is recommended you get a legal metered cab from the airport rather than try to find a cheaper alternative, nothing unsafe, just less likely to get ripped off, so that is what I did.

I had two nights booked at the Mayflower Inn, Lonely Planet didn’t recommend any budget accommodation in town, so I picked this place based on their recommendation and some good reviews on Tripadvisor which is becoming a bit of an accommodation bible for me – I must do a post on travelling via the internet.

Hotel is Ok, very friendly, very clean, ok shower, decent wifi. Appears to be miles from anywhere, but I am not sure if there is an anywhere to be that the hotel could be closer to. I pretty much did sod all else, went to the bread stall next door and grabbed some rolls, had dinner, which was shite – the hotel kitchen has gone down hill since lonely planet reviewed it.  I did discover there are about fifty TV channels though ! so I watched bad movies and caught up on email and blogs. Once I found the air con was not on cold I slept OK…


Up and breakie around 7:30, breakie was dull – but at least fully cooked and filled the gap. I was really considering spending the whole day in the room and having a major planning session. Having good internet and a free day I could have got a lot of things organised. However I decided to look at both highlights of Cebu instead and then hit a mall and pick up a few things on my list, I needed a new t-shirt after wrecking one while diving in el nido,  my boardies are falling apart and I need to get more trail runners wallets (Glad bags).

I got a cab to the Sugbo Museum from the hotel with a Swedish couple travelling with a baby – good on them, but insane! Museum was kind of interesting, housed in the old prison building in Cebu. Cebu has an old and illustrious history with Magellan meeting his end near here in 1521.

Selfie – looking scruffy and un-illustrious, need a haircut and a shave – but I do like my fake Nike shirt.

From the museum I took a walk down to Fort San Pedro, which could have been interesting if there was some information (or more) about the place. The fort was also hosting a wedding so I cannot say a lot about the place, apart from it was old…

From there I walked and then caught a jeepney to the SM Mall, Pizza for lunch, failed to buy the things I wanted or needed,  but did stock up on cheap water and a bottle of shiraz. Back to the hotel for the late afternoon and evening –  skyping and messaging friend and family over a red, a nice end to the day.

Loved this wall in the hotel stairwell

I can tell a bad couple of days, only 8 photos taken and no effort made in the editing either !

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