And back to Puerto Princesa

Day 52, Thursday 16 Feb, El Nido back to Puerto Princesa

When I got back from diving last night I booked myself a seat on the seven am van back to Puerto Princesa. This meant for a fairly early night last night as an early start this morning. Lousy sleep for some reason so pretty much got up when the fan went off along with the power at 6.

I packed up and got a tricycle up to the bus depot, I wanted to get there early to try a score a decent seat for the six hour ride – may as well have stayed in bed… I was lucky I got there early as I went to text a friend in NZ and couldn’t find my phone and knew exactly where it was – lying on the bed in the hostel with the alarm clock going off ! I grabbed a tricycle and got back to the hostel in time to get my phone and get back to the van before it left at 7. Come 7.30 we finally got on the van and I got the second crappest seat, middle front (middle back has to be the worst). There were fourteen passengers on the van and it started raining soon after we left town, neither of which made the driver not want to set a new record…

At Roxas,  about two thirds of the way into the journey we shed a few passengers and I got too sprawl a bit. Which was part blessing and part curse – at least when you are squeezed in you don’t roll all over the place !

We arrived in the Puerto Princesa one hour early after five hours on the road.  I was glad to get out… I grabbed a tricycle back to the Banwa Pension, where I had stayed a few days ago. – yes it did have a front wheel and no that was not our van.

Crap !

I had a shower, some food, water, more water and more food and did bugger all else apart from blog updates and email catch ups.

Seems I ate or drank something a bit dodgy as well as I spent the rest of the day not moving too far from a loo. Lay on the couch reading until bed time, the crowd here was not as good as last time I was here !

In the middle of the night I woke to the sound of very heavy rain, and at 2 am, the hostel people came into our dorm with some of the guys from downstairs, we all got up to have a look as it was flooding ! We watched the water rise in the basement for a while and helped move all the soft furnishings up to the ground floor, the water was a foot deep when I went back to bed.

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