Two blurred days

Days 34/35, Monday 30/31 Jan 2012, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort, Langkawi.

My two full days at the resort pretty much blurred one into the other and I managed to achieve my goal of doing nothing much at all, no touristy things, no site seeing, no big walks – nothing!

The day(s) started with a monster breakfast, fruit, yoghurt, eggs, sausages, hash browns, coffee – basically I ate until I could eat no more.

This was followed by lying down by the pool / lying down in my room,  a swim in the pool followed by a nap then another swim in the pool, walk to town for dinner and then internet in the lobby bar over a drink. And a wee bit of Premiership football on TV, though I missed most of the Arsenal FA cup win over Aston Villa.

On the first day I did get into the sea for a swim, certainly not as a clear as the dive spots near Semporna and the water tasted pretty bad, so I didn’t stay in long and did not go back in again on day two.

The days were both fairly overcast which was a shame but the sun made a brief appearance at sunset at the end of the both days so I did snap a couple of pictures from the beach on the way for food.  

On day two the sun also popped out mid-afternoon so I nipped out to the swimming pool near my room and had a cocktail in the pool bar. My first pool bar drink !

After the wee tipple I went for a wander round the block.

Then back to town for a Thai, another sunset, but photos still on camera.

Have found the strongest cocktail in the bar – 357 magnum…

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