Off to Sepilok

Day 28, Tuesday 24 Jan 2012, Semporna –  Sepilok

It was pouring with rain again when I woke up so decided to stick with my plan from yesterday and move on up to Sepilok on the 7.30 bus. Jay (Jerome) and I said our farewells and he went back to bed. I enjoyed travelling with Jay, nice to have some company for a few days even though his English was not good. I think he appreciated having me listen to the instructions from the dive masters and then repeat to him more slowly, we have swapped emails and he has offered me a bed in Toulouse if I make it there. I now hope to pick up someone else to travel with, though have been disappointed on my first day in Sepilok.

I used the same Dyana bus company to catch the bus to Sandakan, Sepilok is nearby and just off the main road. The bus was full again, but I secured a window seat on the right hand side, for some reason the right hand seats have significantly more leg room ! It makes a huge difference after five hours with no stop.

The bus dropped me at the end of Sepilok Rd and I got a “pirate” (unlicensed) taxi down to the “resort” I chose to stay at. The Sepilok Jungle Resort. It is pretty run down, the staff, of which there seem to be dozens are not the happiest or helpful bunch, service is crap ! I was going to make this a base for some day trips around the place, but everything is expensive, tours, water, beer, food everything and I have little cash. I was told the wi-fi cost 5rm for 30 mins so was not going to use it much, but subsequently found out it is free and unlocked, frustrating.

Anyway, I have had enough of Borneo so have decided to move on, I am going to take the expensive option, (about twice the price of the bus) and fly from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu and an hour later to Kuala Lumpur. I get to KL a week earlier than planned so will head to Melaka and maybe the Cameron Highlands for a couple of days each, not sure will see what the haps is when I get to KL, maybe I will meet someone to travel with again as I am enjoying things a lot more with company.

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