Explosions in the Sky @ the Kings Arms

To cap off a very hectic few days I went to see Texan post-rockers Explosions in the Sky at the Kings Arms (KA) Tavern on Friday night. I am a big post-rock fan and was disappointed to miss them last time they came to NZ, so was looking forward to this sold out show.

I have three of their seven albums; Those who tell the truth shall die, those who tell the truth shall live forever. (2001), The earth is a cold dead place (2003),Take care, take care, take care (2011)

As you can see they have some interesting album titles and track names and I have used numerous of these as photo names. I think most of the images I had in the exhibition in 2009 had titles stolen from EITS songs !

I kinda like the new album, but must admit I did not enjoy it as much as the earlier stuff, but it does follow on the musical path they have taken. Live, however, Take care kicked ass, the songs just deliver so much more live and loud and watching the band added to the aural experience as well.  Sadly they didn’t play “first breath after coma” or “glittering blackness” which are my favourite two tracks of theirs, but they did play “your hand in mine” which is right up there.

I have heard a few songs from Ghost Wave who played in support, but had never seen them before, I was pretty impressed, a good mix of noisy guitar pop with some classic Flying Nun sounds thrown in, very clear references to The Clean and The Bats in a number of the tracks in their set.

All up an awesome show, partly ruined for me by the amount of people who just seemed to be there to be seen to be there. Lots of people at the back chatting through the quieter moments of the Explosions set, was a bit frustrating for those of us there for the music.

I have a better feel for the new Panasonic camera now so these are better shots than I got at HDU, though I really wished I had packed the 5d. With a sold out show I did not get a chance to get close enough to the other side of the stage to get shots of the musicians there.

First post from a cafe with free wi-fi, getting the travelling groove on now, 8 days to lift off !

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