Welcome home Meliesha

My daughter Meliesha has been living in Europe, mainly in the UK,  for over two years now and has come home for Christmas and a bit of summer sun.

Sadly, I move out of the house in three days and will be dossing at friends myself so she cannot stay with me more than a couple of nights, the house is looking fairly sparse as well. She also had to spend this morning sorting through her old possessions to work out what needs to be stored or thrown away, so not the best welcome home in the world.

It is awesome to have her home and great to see she is well and still smiley and still loses everything in five minutes and is exactly the same as when she left, except she has a funny English accent and says “quid” and “sofa” and “sweets”.

This banner was hung on the fence up my drive way when we arrived from the airport. Mel has the bestest friends and brothers.

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