Cheeky the cat

Cheeky is about fifteen years old and has been the family cat since he was a kitten. He is a bit like me and is not the most social guy in the world and definitely didn’t have a lot of time for the other cats.  That scowl on his face is pretty much his default look (yellow thunder ?)

He lives outside most of the time, comes round for food twice a day, and the occasional scratch behind the ears. He obviously knows something is up as he spent 20 minutes lying on my chest on Friday as I was slobbed on the couch reading a book, I cannot remember the last time he lay on me.

At the weekend one of my oldest friends volunteered to home him when I left, which was just fantastic as I really didn’t want to have to send him to the SPCA for his final days.

I will miss the grumpy little bugger.

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