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Yesterday afternoon my friend Donelle and I paid a visit to the newly expanded and renovated Auckland City Gallery, this was my first visit since it reopened and I am going to have to say the gallery was pretty impressive.

When it was first proposed, the expansion of the gallery was a hot topic among a number of groups, with strong for and against opinion.  Initially, I was against the expansion as the proposal required using land from Albert Park and I kinda liked the old gallery building and couldn’t see how a blend of old and new would be visually appealing.  However my scepticism was misplaced and the new building looks fantastic.

Of course the important stuff is what is in the gallery and how the gallery works. The gallery flows well, easy to move around, spacious and well lit.  I did find out later we had missed an exhibition I would have gone to had I know it was there. I will admit I did not look at a guidebook ! This does give me a good reason to go back before I head overseas.

It was great to see a nice collection of McCahon paintings in one space as well as some of the other modern NZ painter that I liked.  Though my favourite piece was the massive, moving air filled flower chandelier in the main atrium from Choi Jeong Hwa.

I also really liked that in most parts of the gallery I was able to take photos !

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  1. Those flower things are awesome.. id driven past and never stopped and noticed they inflate and deflate to simulate blooming… you really need to stop and watch for a minute or 2 to realise.

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