Gallery – Trip into the city

For almost the first time in twenty years I do not have a car park in the city, so, in an effort to conserve cash and to start getting used to public transport, I caught the train into town to meet a friend and check out the new art gallery.

I am guessing my experience in catching in a train, mid afternoon in Auckland is not going to be the same as catching a train in Kuala Lumpur 🙂

This was taken as a test shot from inside a camera store on Queen St as I was checking out a new lens and viewfinder for my travelling camera, I bought both ! My final camera related purchases.

I love the Whitcoulls building, it has been part of MY Auckland for many years and I was greatly relieved when the store was not  shut down when Whitcoulls parent company went into liquidation last year. Fortunately the business was purchased and the store remains open.  It is not the best book shop in the world, but it is a great shop.

This tiki mural is on a wall in Victoria St.

Art Gallery post another day, but I will say it (the gallery) is awesome, and so is the new camera.

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