Memorial, by Phlegm

Sunday 29 July 2020 – Walthamstow.

As soon as we decided to go to work and stay at my place in St Leonards for a few weeks, my favourite street artist came to Walthamstow to paint some doors. Typical.

I have been a fan of the work of the, primarily, Sheffield based artist, Phlgem for quite some time. I remember trying to find one of his pieces in Sri Lanka when I was there in 2013. There are plenty of great murals all over London to make up for not finding that particular one. There is a fabulous large piece at the end of Walthamstow High Street, and an earlier wall has sadly been painted over, but he does have a history in this area, living in Wanstead for a short period. It was quite exciting to know there has been further work added to the growing collection of high quality street art in Walthamstow.

Now that restrictions are slowly being relaxed and shops are opening Eleanor wanted to come back to visit her hairdresser and for us to spend time with family. I took that opportunity to organise a walk to Blackhorse Lane to check out the paintings, which are possibly called Memorial. It is painted on the doors of the indoor climbing centre Yonder. I loved it, as always.

Photos below. Fabulous as always.

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4 thoughts on “Memorial, by Phlegm”

  1. Hey there Phil. Just catching up reading your posts. You are intending to move to NZ I see?. Big call. You seem to be quite settled in Walthamstow and with your escape pad on the coast. I get that feeling of belonging. Not sure where I belong either !!. (A few people have some obtuse suggestions for where I should go !)

    1. Hi Simon, the whole belonging thing is tricky, probably related to getting closer to 60 and still wanting to be 30… I guess I will never fully resolve it, but acknowledging there are questions to be answered is a good start!

      Will move back for a couple of years I think, will see how it is when we get there, I don’t think it will be forever though. Hopefully my thoughts that Auckland is a dull city with little soul will be unfounded !

      1. Hey Phil. After reading your posts and seeing all your interesting photos (I lived in Waltham Cross for about 9 months when I was 11. I didn’t have to go to school and I loved it. My parents gave me day tickets to travel the tube and I had alot of fun. At times scary as I’d never seen street beggars before and I was a naive little kiwi kid) and with your flat and the ease of travel you have in England I think you’ll feel a little stifled here. I dunno. There is plenty to see if you have a car and can find the time to go exploring all the little interesting backwaters of NZ but we just don’t have the ease of travel. I know alot of kiwis want to come back cos of corona etc but we are only one idiot away from community transmission. I know your family are here but this is not Els home. She will probably find it hard. No friends isolation etc. You have a pretty good thing going there. A nice lifestyle. Maybe it feels a bit boring to you at times but isn’t everyones lives a little like that at times. Shit mine is at the moment.. im almost thinking of moving to England. I have a British passport. So I can work there. I wouldn’t do it right now. Corona will pass most things will return to a semi normal if somewhat altered state and life goes on. I could imagine the pick of bands to see live in London is rather special most weekends compared to anywhere in NZ . Not that we can do that right now. It is just starting to warm up here in that dept alot of local bands are starting to organise tours. So i hope we dont get an outbreak of community transmission. Have a good week. Ive always enjoyed reading your stuff and looking at your pics. I’m a little bit of a photographer too just i don’t invest in the big cameras. I wouldn’t know what to do with all the adjustments. Used to have a big Olympus slr film camera with a wide angle normal and telephoto lenses. Now I just use my ph but I manage to get some good ones. I just stick em on fb rather than blog them. But I enjoy your posts so don’t stop. 🙂

      2. Thanks Simon 🙂

        There is always a lot to consider when making these big decisions, and we have just started the visa process which we believe will take a year to complete. Family is the big draw for me, grandson in NZ and granddaughter in Aussie, and of course mum is there and not getting younger. I do get your point and I expect we will only stay for a couple of years, but who knows… The UK is not a particularly nice place at the moment, we have a shitty corrupt rightwing government and the awful brexit coming, so it will be nice to be in a country where the politics are not as awful – we look on with extreme envy from here!

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