India, sorry I give up!

Monday 14 November 2016 – Delhi Airport, India.

So, here I am at the airport, awaiting for a flight to Singapore. By now I should be in Mcleod Ganj in the far north of India, spending time with my daughter, Meliesha, but I am not. I am leaving the country, though hopefully not for good.

I had booked a flight via an online agent with SpiceJet to fly from Delhi to Dharamshala a few weeks ago and had a reservation on the 11:35 am flight this morning. I received an email yesterday from the agent reminding me of the flight so expected all would be well when I arrived at the airport this morning at 8:30; I always arrive really early. Once through the queue and at the checkout counter at 9:00 I was informed that my flight had left at 8:50 am. SpiceJet said I had been advised in October of the schedule change. I said I wasn’t and showed them the email I received yesterday showing a time of 11:35. They have refunded the agent the full amount of the flight, I will be pursuing them when I get to Singapore. Not much bloody use to me right now, cash would have been good.

My options were; to spend 100 pounds if I could get a seat on the later Air India flight or wait until tomorrow and fly with SpiceJet and use the refunded amount. Neither appealed. I was over India.

Wonderful as is India is, it is also a frustrating country, even the easy things can be frustrating. Adding in all the hassle with money that the country has experienced this week, and the fact I did not even have enough cash to leave the airport; and there is no cash in any ATM I have found so far,  I decided to just leave. It has finally gotten to me, I am just not enjoying this anymore.



For just over 200 pounds I am off to Singapore, three days earlier than planned. Of course I will spend a whole load of money staying in Singapore, but at least I will be able to get money to spend !

I spent 14 hours in Delhi airport waiting for the 11pm flight to Singapore. It is not the worst airport in the world to spend time in, but the security is a pain, and getting anywhere within the airport is painfully slow. I met some other tourists leaving the country as well there were a few of us with long waits in the lounge.

So India, not sure what to say. Maddening, frustrating, smelly, dirty, corrupt, caste and class-ridden; but friendly, cheap, and even with all the crap it is an enjoyable place to visit. Hopefully I will come back one day.

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9 thoughts on “India, sorry I give up!”

  1. Sorry to read of your experience. Delhi to Dharamshala is possible by Bus/taxi as well. The Airports have Screens which display flight details, check in counters, departure gates etc., it seems you did not look it up as you could have caught the flight as you reached by 0830.

    1. Thanks Mukul 🙂 If it was not for the money situation I would have happily waited in Delhi till the following day, and at least seen some of the cities tourist highlights. Having no money, meant the bus/taxi option was a no go for me sadly.

      Next time !

  2. Not a great thing to hear about the country but you’re right on these points… they exists and are absolute pain. The current demonetization things has added to bad experience. Have a great journey Phil!

      1. I’m sure Phil. India does cast its magic spell, i’m sure your India trip memories will pull you back for “unfinished job”.
        Happy journey and good wishes!

  3. You can recover in NZ soon. No Brexit, no Trump, we have money in our ATMs, and pawa and crays lying on our beaches.

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