Advice wanted on Pushkar and camera bags. These things are not related!

Thursday 01 September 2016 – London

After a fairly busy period we have had, what seems to be, a quiet couple of weeks. It hasn’t been of course; it is summer and it feels like we have been fully occupied, making the most of warm and rain free days and nights. I have just not taken many photos worth sharing!

We did visit Tate Modern and explore the brilliant new wing, what a fantastic building it is, inside and out. With bonus great views in all directions.


We also went to a preview screening of ‘The curse of The Chills’ a film about one of my favourite New Zealand bands. Singer/songwriter/guitarist and main-stay Martin Phillips did a solo set after the screening which we both really enjoyed, he played a couple of my favourite Chills tracks, which is always a good thing.


Amongst all this busyness we have been planning a bunch of new activities and the next couple of months are crammed with things to do. We have trips away, concerts, dinners, parties, and all sorts of other stuff organised or semi-organised before I head off to India and New Zealand in November.

Planning for my trip is going well. I have all my flights booked, which means dates are now all confirmed. I have two weeks in India, followed by three days in Brisbane visiting my son, two weeks in New Zealand with family and then two final days in Dubai on the way back to London to break up the journey. If life was perfect then I would be able to spend more time in each of those locations, but I guess I have to pay for these trips somehow. I should not complain, my life is pretty near perfect!

For this trip I have finally decided to take my DSLR with me. It is an old and heavy beast and I have avoided taking it away for, probably, all the wrong reasons. With the exception of visiting my daughter in Mcleod Ganj in the far north of India I am going to spend my time in Rajastan. I have timed my visit to coincide with the annual Pushkar Camel Fair a major festival in India and one I am expecting to be a source of some great photographic opportunities. Visiting this major event has prompted me to take more than just my pocket sized Canon G16.

Have you been to the camel fair ? If so please come and say hi, let me know what I should expect, or better still send me a link to your story if you have it shared on the interweb.

I am going to buy a new camera bag for the trip, mine is just not robust enough. I want something practical for a large DSLR body and three lenses, plus a 13inch laptop. It needs to be easy to carry for long periods in hot and dusty conditions and would be my day bag so it must have room for all the bits you would carry on a day out – not just camera things. I would like something that does not scream ‘I have a really expensive camera in me!’ I am open to any recommendations, so hit me with some in the comments.

Thanks Smile

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10 thoughts on “Advice wanted on Pushkar and camera bags. These things are not related!”

  1. What did Mr Chills play ?. What’s your faves from them ?. Pink frost is my classic Chills fave. A bit predictable I know but it’s a great piece of music.
    What about a movie review?.. I hadn’t even heard of it and I’m always reading flying nun and nz music related newsletters. Must have missed that one!

    1. He played about 8 songs I guess, Pink Frost obviously 🙂 A fave of mine as well. Submarine bells, doledrums, couple of tracks off the last LP Silver Bullets – which I recommend and a track off of submarine bells which had never been played live.

      Movie was OK, I would have liked some old footage, wondering if there are any contractual issues with Flying Nun….. told his story well though!

  2. Good to see Martin Phillips up and about as he was in the “doldrums” on the bones of his arse a few years back . He got caught stealing food I think from a shop . Which would always make travelling that touch more frustrating with the associated required admissions of guilt when crossing borders. But he is obviously on yet another rebound.

  3. Hi! Pushkar is one of my favourite place. I have been to pushkar fair as well. Personally I prefer visiting it otherwise -not during fair cause I like the tranquility of this place. I have posted few pictures of the fair, the ones that came my way. I didn’t plan for them cause I had my family along with me. So photography was never highlight of the trip. You’re more than likely to come across tonnes of photographers there. Photography on ghats is generally prohibited so proceed with caution -ask around or look for warning on board or wall! Have a great trip

    1. Thanks Arv! I have been in Pushkar for three days now, trying to catch up with all the photos I have taken! The fair is really interesting, and very busy. I expect Pushkar is quite tranquil when the fair is not on. There are tonnes of photographers !

      I have been careful taking photos around the lake, I have some, but have avoided being near the busy gnats so I do not offend. Though lots of people are less considerate than I sadly!

      1. Phil…over last 3-4 years Pushkar has kind of become Mecca for the photographers. It’s not uncommon to find many photographers chasing a single subject. So the fair also presents some funny moments when it comes to photographers and photography.The irony is that we come across some very predictable pictures from the fair. So adding few more of our version doesn’t really help anyone! Since you’re kind of person who would like to explore the usual, I wouldn’t give you suggestions except that try to explore soon after sunrise in main market and elsewhere. I think you’ll be able to find some tranquility that Pushkar is associated with. Although it’s a holy city, but I always find it a peaceful place where I can love spending time. It’s a great place for people watching! Stay away from the priest around the Ghats who will try to convince you perform puja or religious ceremony! Enjoy this unique fair and the place Phil! Have a great week ahead! 🙂

      2. I did get sucked in by the ‘priests’ sadly, and I am not a complete innocent. Maybe just on that day.

        I was out at dawn this morning at the market and again this evening and will probably do the tomorrow morning as well. There are a huge amount of photographers there, usually getting in the way of my shots 🙂 Very hard to do anything original these days, I agree.

        Thank you!

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