SWCP Walk day 4. Combe Martin rest day.

Sunday 09 August 2015 – Combe Martin, Devon.

No walking today, no official path walking today anyway. I did walk, but only to the pub – but just to watch the football. Honest.

I decided to take a day’s rest, no point in rushing into these things. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to walk as far as Mawgan Porth in time to meet El so there was no point in over stretching myself early.

I also didn’t fancy a night in a big noisy campground like the one at Watermouth Bay, which was a correct decision, I discovered, when I walked past it the next day.

I didn’t do too much after breakfast, I didn’t sleep particularly well, better than last night though, so I rested this morning and read my book for a while. I felt OK though, which was good. My shoulders did not hurt at all, which was even better.

I left the hotel at 12:00 and had lunch in a nearby cafe before having a small look around the very small waterfront of Combe Martin. It was forecast to be a damp day – another reason for not walking, and the forecasters got it pretty right, as it rained in the evening. The sun never did break through, so the beach was quiet all day.


Combe Martin supposedly has the longest high street in the UK and the only pub showing the football was right at the far end of it. Away from the waterfront, the town is basically the high street. I did get a couple of miles of walking done. A good leg loosener.


On the way to the footie pub, I passed the Pack of Cards hotel. The legend is that in 1690 George Ley won a significant amount of money playing cards and had this house built to commemorate his victory. It has 4 floors, 13 rooms per floor, 52 windows and 53 stairs and was designed to look like a house made of cards. What a neat story. I love reading these things.


This was the highlight of the day. My football team Arsenal, lost at home to West Ham on the opening day of the season. A season that I thought was going to go really well. Gutted!

I moped back down to the guest house and read some more before having a far healthier pasta meal for tea with nothing to drink. This was followed by a great Skype call with El, God bless wifi!

Back on the trail tomorrow!

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