Flying away.

Friday 12 June 2015 – Auckland, New Zealand.

In life time I was only travelling for 28 hours, but I left London on Wednesday and arrived in Auckland on Friday – at stupid o’clock, 5 AM. The vagaries of travelling east meant I lost half a day – so I am still wondering what happened to Thursday. Though wondering what happened to a Thursday is not an unusual occurrence. Not because I do anything on a Wednesday night, it is just one of those unexciting, meaningless days in a normal week that makes Saturday seem further away that it should be.

I have been looking forward to this trip back to New Zealand for a while, though I am not really having a ‘holiday’ holiday, this trip will mainly be about sorting things out. I was originally planning on a trip in May (previously it was January, and then Easter), but my work project conspired against me each time. Missing May meant I missed my mum and two of my children’s birthdays, but this trip allows me time to celebrate my grandson’s first birthday, a fairly momentous occasion and worth heading ‘home’ for. What I was mainly looking forward to was handing over my work to my newly hired contract helper and walking out the office door last night ! Freedom !!!

I did start the day with a few remaining work tasks before heading off to the airport at 10:00 for a civilised flight time of 1:30 pm. Over a few years I have accumulated a few air miles on my credit card so decided I would use them and upgrade myself to premium economy on the leg to New Zealand, which means I fly Qantas via Dubai and Melbourne. I am not a big fan of multiple stopovers but the upgrade and the timing of the flights made this the best option. Sitting here typing in my wide premium economy seat with extra leg room and a glass of pretty decent red wine I am not going to complain about the extra stop. I will see how it all feels once I arrive in Auckland! There was a slightly late departure, though a glass of bubbles eased the pain somewhat.


It is a long way to Auckland from London, with this set of three flights taking just over 28 hours to get me there with over 24 hours of that being flying time. I watched five movies, mostly terrible, read one magazine and half a book, ate four meals, drank red wine, coffee and whisky and what felt like gallons of water and slept not at all.


Did I enjoy it – No.

Was it tolerable – Yes.

Am I glad I came over – I will just have to see.

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5 thoughts on “Flying away.”

  1. Hey Phil hope you get some fine weather whilst your here. If you have time drop us a bell (sorry dont want to leave my email address on the page incase of spam bots) and catch up for a quick coffee, though it sounds like you have a pretty full schedule. I flew business on a short leg on Emirates on their A380 and man it made a huge difference, though its not the 28 hours you were talking about. Coming back on a budget airline was like being hung upside down in a jail waiting for execution. If I dont catch up with you, have a great trip mate.

  2. Funny how so many peoples lives revolve around saturdays sundays weekends midweek work days.I have never had that as I often work when others arent and often have lots of time off whilst others are.I suppose its just me..weird..This week I havent worked for 9 days.Now Im doing both saturday and sunday.Annoying but cant be helped.Enjoy yourself here mate.Catch up with your kids and grandkids and family..Maybe if youre around with spare time give me a call.I live in Torbay now.Would be cool to have a beer.

    1. Hi Simon, I won’t get time for a visit this trip, I am off again on Sunday, but will be back later in the year I hope…

      I know what you mean about shift work, I did it for a while years ago. Loved it and hated it…

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