A brief overview of the last three months…

Wednesday 29 January 2014.

It has been an awful long time since I lasted posted, or even wrote a blog post. Time just seemed to pass by so quickly and the very few things that happened that were note worthy have all become memories as I didn’t have the time or the inclination to type them after they happened. The main thing that has happened, and the number one reason for not writing – or more realistically – doing anything worth recording, is that I have been working !

Now, there is no immediate need to get all excited in thinking that after six months or so of looking that I have landed myself a cushy IT job worthy of my experience and paying me the salary to match ! Nope, I have been working in a pub – earning just over minimum wage pulling pints and pouring glasses of wine. It is work I have sort of enjoyed, but work I am going to cease at the end of January when main bit of news number two happens – a trip back to New Zealand.

To back the truck up a bit – I had become a bit dispirited with applying for IT Management roles and not getting much of a response from the recruitment firms I have to deal with for most of the roles I am interested in. As I have mentioned before, there are plenty of interesting vacancies, but there an awful lot of people applying for them. I guess my two year ‘sabbatical’ is not being seen as a positive by some. I am using that as the reason for the lack of interest in hiring me anyway.

El saw a post on FaceBook from the Queens Arms, a pub near her home in Walthamstow looking for staff for their newly renovated and about to be re-opened premises. I popped in on a whim and ended up being offered a job on the bar with a start a few days later. Not having worked in a bar before I was quite excited about the whole thing.

I have leant an awful lot working there, the work is harder than it looks and I have found it to be physically exhausting. I have met some very nice people there and have had a few good laughs, but a couple of weeks ago I realised it was not for me and have now resigned and will finish up when I go to NZ. I do have renewed respect for those who work in bars and restaurants – some make it look so easy ! I guess I will just go back to being on the other side of the bar in the Queens upon my return.



What else has happened? I have reached a few anniversaries in the past few weeks.
Two years since I left my last IT Management job at PMP.
Two years since I left New Zealand on my travels.
One year since I first met El.

I cannot believe so much time has gone by and while I feel I have not done much in the last wee while I have achieved a huge amount more than I expected when I started to think about leaving work to go travelling, thirty or so months ago. I will have to confess that my original plan, which was to tour Europe in the summer of 2012, has not actually happened yet, I got distracted on the way !

One of those distractions was of course meeting El, we first met on the 25th January last year and we have had some good times since – hopefully with many more to come. Tomorrow we head off on a two week visit to meet my family in New Zealand – via a quick stop in Sydney on the way. El has not been to either place before and I am very much looking forward to showing her around, and of course introducing her to my family and friends. It will all be rather exciting I think…

Then back to the excitement of finding a job again when I get back in February.

A quick summary, I just needed to get this out of the way !!

Here is a photo of El I took at a Christmas night walk of Kew Gardens back in December. It was great fun and was worthy of a blog post. I just never got around to doing one…


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